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Another Va Employee Caught Scamming

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Woke up to read about this. Totally disgusting. What happened to all those hang em and fry em judges. This is just making me sick. A crying shame. What's worse is that money that got swindled most likely left a Veteran broke or to loose their house and God forbid what else.

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Notice this, from the article:

Galloway, the VA employee, stole

ONE for retroactive VA payment of $386,753


another retro of : $261,683 retroactive payment

For a total of $ 648,436 Stolen from Veterans.

How much restitution? fined $1,000 and ordered to pay $154,400 in restitution

This means Vets are still "out" almost a half million dollars, that the crook gets to keep.

Her 46 months in jail time means she gets to keep 494,036 , which means she "earns"

$10,700 per month for each month of jail time. Crime does pay at the VA.

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I call bullshit. She could not do this alone. I am sure someone had a hand in it with her. It makes me so mad to see this. She and who ever helped her has slowed down the process of other claims including my two year old appeal.

Oh so mad.

Dude, Ive been getting the shaft from Waco since 1996.. how do you think I feel.

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Ok heres the scoop, I called the court reporter..

She actually made off with around 156.000

The person she used in her scam was her father in law (a veteran)..

Her actual charge was " theft of government property" over 1,ooo dollars

She will only have to do 85 percent of her sentence with good behavior,

She waived her right to appeal before sentence {plea deal"

The range of punishment was 37 to 46 months .. she got 46

She denied it vehemently at first.

She secured her own counsel

She has queen ann furniture in her 300.000 house

perfect 20/20 vision, souviners from the Bahamas

And a preferred customer card at Macys.

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This is certainly an example of a "bad apple" in the bunch but is clearly not representative of all of the hard working and dedicated employees that she worked with and around her. Frankly, the circumstances of this case are so outrageous that she must have felt that she would be discovered at some point? I'm sure that whole office and their VBA disability cases will be scrutinised? I imagine they will probably be the source of a few new OIG inspections as well to see if there are other areas of concern. The real shame is that will also take away from the other employees there at that location that work hard each and every day. I'm sure the morale and credibility of the entire office will be pretty low by now which is too's all very sad to the rating community....her and her husband will probably have felonies and criminal records. That all said, somehow she must of thought that she was in an environment that she could get away with such a thing..and that's what's most interesting about this? It would be good to know what her employee performance ratings where leading up to whne she was arrested?

Also, her husband was/is a Veternan so this kind of thing affects the crediblity of vets at all levels..I'm very concerned about the disability system being so adversarial and this kind of thing does not help it at all...maybe this kind of thing makes it so in the end...?

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