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Another Va Employee Caught Scamming

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The reason she got caught is the bank called the guy up who she had set up the bank account for the funds to go into , and asked him to verify some information, he told them he didnt set up an account (because he really didnt and didnt know she did),, . That is what triggered the investigation. Had she told her " associate" abt the account, and that they may be calling, she would have gotten away with it.

There no perfect crime Folks..

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I would love to see her cell phone records and see who was in her " circles" ...Maybe find out who her shopping buddy is..

Everything leads to money.

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I would hope the Federal Government would not hire a Convicted Felon.

I wonder how they caught her? anyone else involved or just have not been caught yet? I can't understand why her Daddy put up with it if is a Veteran?

It makes me sick knowing that there's thousands of needed veterans out there waiting for their claims to be rated and while scraping to make ends meet & eating beans and patatos some awful person pulls this, she should have pay every penny back & sale her 300.000 house and furniture and probably a 50..000 auto.

plus do 20 years in Federal Prison.

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Dude, Ive been getting the shaft from Waco since 1996.. how do you think I feel.

I think you are pissed! I have read many of your post and seems you have gotten a raw deal for some time.

Seems to me there were others involved and yes she probably reviewed and denied claims that should have been approved. I would love the opportunity to investigate this and have the claims she reviewed over last two years re-evaluated.

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