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Wish Me Luck

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Tomorrow, Wed, is my PTSD/MDD exam.

I have to drive thru Seattle and Tacoma to get there to American Lake during rush hours. Only one way to get there, so I will be well primed when I get there.

I have been fighting for this since 1984, but with the DSM V changes, I don't think that they can turn me down again. Hate getting called a liar by some faceless person at the RO.

Then I have to drive down there Fri, again, for Orth C&P. Don't know why there were no appts available in Seattle. Have to be there at 0800....

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Had my MH C&P..

She started the exam by telling me that we weren't going to go over the stressors too much, so I could breathe a bit easier. She then asked if I had anything that I wanted her to see, of course I did, and she looked at my items and we discussed them.

Then I had to explain to her why I was not s/c when I had 4 VA psychs say the stressors happened on AD. I explained that prior to the DSM V, MST cases that were "unreported" had no chance of being approved. I have the same stressors and markers as before, but now they can look at my overall preformance caused by the rape. I actually did report the incident to my supervisor and the CO, but they covered it up.

The Dr did tell me as I walked out the door that "the 3rd time is the charm". So hopring so !

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I hope and pray that the phrase "3rd time" is true for you, in a big way! I know I can't even begin to know what you went through, however, my suicide attempt never made any record either. They sent me to the base Chaplain, who talked to me one time. He wasn't really interested in the how or the why, just mostly that I need to reconnect with Jesus. While that was all fine and dandy, it didn't even begin to solve the problem. They didn't even send me to base medical, to get a basic MH eval done. Yay me.

However, I do have lots of markers, so that will certainly point them in the right direction. I hope you get your good news soonest!

Semper Fi,


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I went for my C/P MH exam for PTSD/MST in October and it was tough but got through it. Rape is never easy to drudge back up. It sounds like the C/P was positive.

I also hope you are getting therapy - the most important thing is for you to heal from this and know it's not your fault!

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Sounds good to me!!! :smile:


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