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Houston! Houston!--We Have A Problem Cue Or Nod I'm Staying Calm

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Did Your VAMC Commit (CUEs) Mass Denying Your FY 15 Clothing Allowance?

Good Afternoon Hadit Warriors!


t never ceases to amaze me how many times can the VARO, VAMC and their interconnected business division “Screw The Veteran 24/7/365” while decision makers inside VA’s World of Oz skip along that yellow brick road, cheerfully clicking heels , singing out “deny, delay, deny again, let’s never stop denying until they’re all dead.” Yes check out this PDF highlighted mass denial for clothing allowance decision that sped out of Houston faster than a speeding bullet.

Many years will pass before Veterans can truly trust that VA adheres its own core mission and values of “caring for those “who shall have borne the battle and for their families and survivors.” What values you may ask. Well think about that slogan (Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence) Oh Hell yes--those words smells like horse manure for a several of hundreds veterans and guess what? I dropped my (We Care or I Care Pin) into a big fresh pile outside the barn today.

I’m sharing Houston VAMC (CUE) FY 15 clothing allowance evidence for anyone still waiting for their decision to arrive. Don’t let that “Chicken Shit” wimpy denial dismay your allowance claim, if you’re able to feel the “fire burning hot in your belly” you must rise up, never retreat, reload your appeals weapon and attack the VA illegal decision.

I’ve attached that CUE decision PDF file by my opinion for all to review how theVAMC Prosthetic Chiefs are focused intensely on express reduction of clothing allowance backlogs, if such a thing does exist and evade paying your hard earned clothing allowance. As veterans we’re vested with the highest integrity, never file bogus clothing allowance claims until you’re service connected for the injuries that TRICARE or VA doctors have diagnosed and prescribed the permanent use and wear of rigid metal prosthetics.

Summary: Suffered through in service injuries for years, had post service bilateral low and upper extremity injury surgeries and chronic lumbar disc/nerve compression pain management minus the recommended hip and spine surgery in the 90’s all rated 0%. Fast forwarding to 2010 completed local VAMC C&Ps, MRI, X-rays etc. and the medical record show VAMC doctor issued back/bilateral knee braces used in the C-file, VAMC records and the blue button for MyHealtheVet.

  1. On July 21, 2015, I submitted my first VAF 10-8678 application with attached P&T rating; C&P doctor IMO notes, PCP IMO notes, and VAMC diagnosis/notes for prosthetics wear to Houston RO and DeBakey VAMC using DHL courier delivery with signature/ online verification.

2. Review the VAMC July 20, 2015, denial signed by the Assistant Chief of Prosthetics is what I feel is evidence of VAMC mass denial decision against veterans that was created in advance of the annual receipt of thousands of applications from veterans filing a doctor prescribed prosthetics device claim.

3. Review the BS reason for denial…No picture of braces and no documentation from provider. Zippity Do-Da –Day-- Sherlock the prosthetic medical evidence has been in VA’s records since 2011 how about reading the evidence submitted and conducting accurate reviews of the RO’s VBMS database. The VAMC letter is dated July 20, 2015 before my application arrived so that makes it easy to program copy and paste incoming names into the field then mail hundreds of denials per second at “Warp Speed” VA’s return envelope is dated July 28, 2015.

It sure as hell would be nicer for veterans if our initial claims could be accurately developed, C&P scheduled, results returned and examined , rated and receive our retroactive deposits within five days after receipt of the claim adjudication, versus watching our fellow veterans die waiting 5 to 45 years for earned benefits.

  1. Ok I’ll calm down just a bit….at least VAMC did say I could appeal illegal decisions but Why should any of us have to jump through more hoops, and climb back onto the Hamster Wheel.” Mr. Assistant Chief of Prosthetics, I your staff had only taken a few minutes after log in of the application, skimmed through a few pages, clicked the mouse button and approved payment this erred denial would not appear on the Hadit site and I welcome the warriors to chime in does the dreaded "CUE Clothing Allowance Monster" exist.

JUMPMASTER BRIEF: No matter how well YOU the Veteran prepares his/her documents when filing your VA claims, appeals, or even that simple clothing allowance claim you must recognize there’s not an iron clad guarantee the processor or reviewer can read and/or comprehend your submitted claim for entitlement evidence.

Simple math for today is the Veteran has been assigned the P&T rating and all records show he has worn VA approved rigid metal prosthetics that rip, tear and damages his clothing since 2011, there's no need to search farther as the smoke screen clears, once again the VAMC resorts to lying about evidence to make sure the prosthetic coffers overflow and Vets receive zero to pay for clothing damages.


Hadit Upload FY 15 Clothing Allowance Denied Letter.pdf

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Yes. Go for it....!!!!!!!

Apparently the TBI C & P docs have been found , at least at one VAMC (Buck posted the link yesterday) to have defrauded TBI vets.

I mean C & P non doctors ...they probably did not have any TBI expertise at all.

It is the same result no matter what type of claim anyone has....if they don't apply the regs correctly to the evidence.

VA in my recent 8 months battle, also tried to pull something similar on me,

PTSD is rated separately from brain trauma, to include all closed head traumas and organic brain impairment.

PTSD is a MH issue. Brain trauma residuals are physical disabilities.They can"aggravate" MH issues however.

It is much like the Clothing allowance BS and anything else that VA Can and Will try to snooker claimants on.

I don't think these people can even read.

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Pete 53: Thanks for replying....you can believe I never give up...just like the Engerizer Bunny I'll fight VA Fraud until my last breath.

Pr...How you doing Airborne!....You guys taught me a few years back a CUE cannot be filed until the decision is final. Asking them to CUE themselves was my first thought/plan of attack. I needed input from my Hadit warrior family for encouragement to make sure this War Hound was on the right scent, it doesn't pay to bark up the wrong tree.

Ms. Berta: Thanks for your non-binding opinion. It's a damn shame that Veterans are cheated after winning our service connection war. After read about the Little Rock VA Fraud scandal back in March 2015 my alert antenna warmed up a bit.

Allegations surfaced that Little Rock was manipulating claims. Two years ago, VA OIG found numerous claims that were misplaced. During the recent surprise investigation, inspectors found VA employees issued fraudulent dates on the records by giving the claims records a filing date of the day they were discovered rather than the date filed.

The effect of this fraud, if unchecked, would result in veterans being cheated out of thousands of dollars in back pay by providing an erroneous date on the records a few of the claim involved cheating veteran for payment for dependent benefits.

I posted Houston VAMC Assistant Chief Of Prosthetics decision so all Hadit member, guests and anonymous operators can get a clear eagle eyed view of the internal corruption, actions and vindictive attitudes inside of their local VAMCs Prosthetic Department. I may sound like TRUMP when I say the denial was just a plain dumb thing to do, then lie about the medical evidence, Houston RO rating, all copies attached to the application replicate my P&T rating in VBMS and why would they need a picture of the braces, when I was active duty all government issued equipment came with a model or nomenclature number so if I have VA prosthetic device they already know the manufacturer and construction of said device. No problem I snap a picture and send it out next week...I want to see if they process my NOD in under 5 days. This just go to prove VA itself is the cause of the backlog not the Veteran who applies for benefits.

Fraud and corruption inside local ROs and VAMCs comes in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins...everyone should carefully read all positive or negative decisions.

Hadit never, ever, ever, trust the VA to not cheat you outta benefits after you've won a small portion of your VA claims war. It's clear they're incapable of checking the computer to see the disability rating but I'm happy as hell they put it in writing.

Jumpmaster Brief: VA SME are not true experts on chemical exposure claims, VA caught defrauding 300 veterans with brain injuries, Little Rock cheats 43 vets, now that just a few that someone tripped over and decided to report it in the media. What about the mass denials by fraud to reduce the claim backlog? We may never know how many veterans just decided not to fight their clothing allowance denial and gave up ...well that Ain't Me trooper-- I'm ready for Prosthetic warfare!


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Well Put!

I think the only reason VA is doing an audit on my 2012 decision is because I gave them proof of almost 100,000 bucks they tried to get out of paying me some years ago.

My RO altready knew that but I CCed in the Sec, Ms Hickey, and the VAOIG on that last email to them.

I had to take extreme measures to get that money and I told them I would love to be on Fox News.

Fox News is the only news outlet on TV I know of, who has consistently reported VA scandals....maybe scandals isn't the right word...it is systemic defiance, incompetence, and a downright intent to keep disabled veterans from getting their proper compensation.

And I wont even mention how they manipulate their malpractice data....which guarantees the public (to include H VAC) will never know just how many veterans they harm or kill.

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What would really help is if someone else saw this and also had a matching letter from Houston! I agree, from what you have shared, that it is a blanket letter. But with only one, "oops! I had the wrong date!'. With several, I would ask for them to CUE themselves and then spam every Rep, Congressman, and Senator that has an interest in the areas covered by Houston VARO. 2016 is Presedential Elections, but they all want to take something 'fresh' to that pulpit.

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