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Has Va Put A Behavoral Flag On You

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There are some good points made in this article, maybe enough to help any vet who has been denied care or moved to another VAMC because of this directive, which has expired and was never replaced as far as I know.

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yes we all need to watch what we say in anger I usually say my anger in my mind.

not that it does any good but to keep from getting flagged (or labeled)

its a shame Marine Parker was treating this way.


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There are two sides to a story, i dont doubt that Brother Parker is being honest however there may be things we dont know? If there were however im sure the VA would have mentioned them.

If they were treating this case like they do a claim it would have been denied. they proved no in VA proof of dangerous activity and nexus between past incidents and future behavior.

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If my daugher worked at a VAMC, I would want them to insure her safety.

That being said, the abuse of such measures is inexcusable, and should be a firing offense. I would like for the VA and Congress to remove the immunity these people have against lawsuits by veterans to a degree​ that if they violate the policy and laws that they are employed to enforce and uphold, that both criminal and civil liability can apply to their conduct and/or misconduct when it borders into the realm of slander and tortuous behavior. No only should the VA be held accountable in Civil suits, but the actual individuals that direct and conduct the behaivor in question.

By opening this door, it would tell the people who do this that they are not immune to punishment, and that punishment should include damages to those who they have harmed.

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