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How many days of a war or conflict are needed to claim sleep apnea.

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It really does not work that way. For direct SC, you'll need to show you had SA in the service, have it now, and get a doc to opine in your favor. For secondary SC, you'll need something similar, but showing it was caused secondary to an existing SC condition.

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Did VA DX Sleep Apnea?

you may want to get an IME/IMO and take your DD-214 with you to show the Dr you was in a conflict/ or any service records you have  to diagnose your sleep apnea...and ask him if he would say in his report as to something like the VA needs to hear from a Dr...''its likely as not that this condition was caused from the veterans past military service , he is not saying it is the cause or not the cause  by those words'' its  likely as not'' & will release him of any retaliation from the VA


This test is quite expensive with a sleep study but the Dr may not require it  if he can use your prior sleep study.

But I don't think I'd mention the retaliation part  unless you need to?





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you do not need 1 minute of time in theatre or one bullet to be fired to file for SA.

While there is a great ocean of evidence being formed to support SA as secondary to PTSD and other combat related illnesses, it is still hit and miss with the VA.

As mentioned above if you got a DX for SA while in service you are good to go.

If you didnt have a DX, its going to be a longer road. 


Did you have SA in service? or is it related to a SC issue you already have?


If you had it in service i would recommend getting a sworn declaration from yourself (see my uploaded file, has a template and a how to on submitting and getting evdience for any claim) and any buddies you were in with that can say "i hear him snore loudly and he would often stop breathing...etc etc"

Their declarations are NOT a DX in service but they help bolster your position you had it in service, that is if you did.

as said above go and get a IMO/IME from a BOARD CERTIFIED SLEEP SPECIALIST MD, get one with a lot of letters after their name and a CV with a lot of fancy councils they serve on and a lot of peer review journal articles.  The 'higher rank' your imo/ime guy/gal is the better.

If you already receive VA health care benefits you need to contact you PCP and ask for a sleep study to be performed due to _____ symptoms and problems you are having that you believe are sleep related.  



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USMC and the others nailed it.  Its unnecessary to be in "war" to get VA benefits.    There are a few presumptives combat Vets do get, but they desere every one.  

Sleep apnea is just like everything else:

1.  You need a current diagnosis (and use a CPAP if you want the max 50%).  

2.  You need an "in service event" or aggravation.  A diagnosis in service should suffice as long as your pre service physical did not reveal sleep apnea.  You see, you get a presumption there.  If a doc says, "yep, he is fine and good to go for military service"...then its presumed the doc knows what he is doing.   After you get out of the service, its "presumed" that maladies you picked up during military service are SC.  (You need to apply within a year of getting out for this presumption).    They have to note deficiencies on your pre service physical to try to deny you based on them existing before service.    

3.  You need a nexus, or link between numbers 1 and 2.  A doctors statement is needed, honyocks statements not accepted.  


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