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Appeals now higher than initial claims

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So much for the so called "backlog reduction", they just denied most and sent them to appeals.


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Mine was closed 4 months (3/15) after I filed my initial claim 11/14. VBA claimed I had no medical evidence.

Filed NOD  June 15, was advised by VSR in June to do reconsideration since all of my medical care for 29 years has been with Military medical facilities (AD & Dep).

Requested my Medical records from VA archive in March, had congressional intervene in July...... Disc sent to congressman's office. Did not contain my AD medical records but it did have all kinds of office stuff.

Been back and forth with VA archives since July to present because VSR (Oakland RO) keeps saying " no medical evidence ", had someone at VA Archive front office read my original medical records to me over the phone. They were pulled from the Caves in July when the congressional hit and uploaded to the VBMS system 7/30/15.

VBA (Oakland RO) never requested my AD medical records. They stated on the denial that they had and no medical records existed. LIERS. I pointed this fact out to my congressional staffer because I am quite upset about it. I told him they closed my claim so fast because it made their numbers look better.

Now I'm stuck in some form of NOD or reconsideration black hole all because someone failed to do their job and then lied about it. I've had to do all the heavy lifting to get my documentation to prove my claim. I faxed over 79 pages which include buddy statements because I thought all my medical records were lost. I have from 2003-present. The VA Archive staff are searching for the rest from 1991-2003 so I will have a complete set. Everything they find will go into the VBMS system which the VSR can view right from their desktop.

So now there is NO EXCUSE for them not to process my claim but i have no idea how long that will take. Could be 6 months, could be 6 years. All because someone failed to submit a request for my records I end up paying the price.

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Exactly, it is all spin.

I wonder how they account for claims denied at ROs ,then the NOD has not been filed yet, so technically that claim has not been appealed yet.......and therefore is not counted as in appeals stats....but looks like it is finished at that point at the ROs and tyhey can take EP credit for it (End Product)

Odd how these new stats came out ...and meantime Ebenefits appeals status info there is buggered.....until September  ????

And you all expected something else from the VA, like proper decisions in a reasonable time??

And accounting that tells the real story for the icing??


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That's terrible USAF-Vet, I hope you find a resolution soon.  In my case the records were there an just never reviewed apparently. The day I got the decision I called my VSO and she accessed my records via the same database the VA has access too and the evidence to support my claim was all there. To quote the VSO "I'd like to find the rater and ask him or her if they are blind, but that's not how it works".


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With all the HEAT on the VA and the push regarding NEW claims, did we really expect the accuracy rate to improve?

As far as the Rating Dept is concerned, these Denied Claims are out of their hair for 3 to 5 yrs pending appeal or dropped completely. As to the even lower "Accuracy Rate," the defense will be they were pushed to work past their level of competency, by Senior Bureaucrats.

Vets are back in the Barrel again due to another failed VA initiative.

Semper Fi

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