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  • HadIt.com Elder

If a VA  Dr/MD in mental health  or a certified registered psychiatrist  won't fill out a PTSD DBQ. 21-0960P 

If they won't??? its only 6 pages.

.Then who in the heck fills it out?

A private Doc won't know what all those codes are? and how can they read all your medical records?history ect,,ect,,

I could give them a breif discription I suppose.

I ask my MH Psychiatrist to and she refused   she said that I need to check with claims dept and get them to help you? or check with DAV.

I thought BS! 

They took the time to make the PTSD Diagnoses

Anybody have any suggestions?




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If you really believe you have PTSD, there's only (1) DBQ that you have to worry about, the C&P DBQ. Any and all other DBQ's will be only of use to you if you end up with a Denial and want to appeal. Once you file the PTSD FDC Claim, my brother, you are going to get a C&P DBQ within 4 months.

With the VA's decision to switch to the DSM V and only rely on the Raters requested C&P Forensic PTSD DBQ for rating purposes, all other MH Clinicians (Private or VA) DBQ's are of little importance to your initial claim decision.

As for your VA MH Dr refusing to hand off your request for a PTSD DBQ, remember "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease."  Words are said and gone and may not even appear in your MH Clinician notes for that day. Put Everything in Writing.

Suggestions: 1. Send Secure Mesg on your MHV account to your MH DR, requesting a PTSD DBQ be completed per VA DBQ Dir for MH Clinicians. Attach copy of VA Directive. Request that if for some reason he refuses, you want the name of his MH Department Head and an appointment to meet with the Department Head.

                      2. Send Sec MSG to you VA Patient Advocate explaining your problem obtaining the PTSD DBQ and the failure of your MH Dr to follow VA Regs and Directives.

                       3. Check your MHV Med file to be sure your Secure Messages are on your record, usually within a day or 2 of receipt. The Dr's written response will be there also. Get It On the Record.


Semper Fi





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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks Gastone & Navy 04

I need to get this ptsd at least SC...& If my symtoms warrant a % rating so be it...be good if I could get a 70%rating  because I'm currently rated 90%combined but getting TDIU P&Tat the 100%pay rate...being I am Housebound  never get out anymore due to this PTSD and Depression although taking medications for it  the only time ever leave the house is if I have to for VA Appointments and to buy groceries  that's my life.  so I would just have to hope my symptoms would warrant a 70%  & rating to qualify me for SMC's?

SO WITH A 90% Combined rating plus a 70% rating for PTSD  WOULD BE 160%

WHAT HAPPENS TO MY 90%Combined rating at TDIU P&T if the PTSD is rated at any %  0%through say 70%  would I still be consider P&T??? For my current disability   which is for (hearing impairment and tinnitus.) 90% hearing loss 10%tinnitus but they call my rating a 90%combined rating  because  before II was 50% rated  then ask for increase  was awarded increase to 40% and 10%for tinnitus bringing up my total to 100%...so they actually rated me at 90% and used the schedeuler rating for the tdiu p&t

What all does a C&P exam involve for PTSD?

Does the Dr Ask you the same questions as the Initial  assessment DX when you were first diagnosed and the symptoms  from a csw & psychiatrist?

or do they look a the VA Notes? explaining it all?

also what should a veteran take to a PTSD C&P as for as records ect,,ec,,

would  taking Progress notes from the MH Psychiatrist and VA MH RCSW Therapist help if its in the veterans favor  or do the C&P Dr read all those?

Does a veteran have to go over his stressors over and over? And need to prove it where it happen ect,,ect,,I have all those records  I just wanted to know what to take to a PTSD C&P Exam and what to expect...I don't want to walk in there empty handed ( know what I mean?)


I'm trying to get prepared for a C&P in-case I get one soon?






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  • HadIt.com Elder


Looking back at my award letter from 2002  it states 

 Originally rated at 50% for hearing loss /Increase for tinnitus 10%  so that put up to 60%  then an increase of 30% for hearing loss   that put my rating to the 90%...hence the TDIU P&T because I could not work.or do the work I was trained to do.  so that's why I have a 90%combined rating.



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