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Not official notification

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I just got a letter from the DAV that states that the letter is not official notification but I will get official notifaction following "completion of necessary administrative procedures". And the VA reserves the right to modify prior to official notification.

OK I filed an appeal about 4 years ago and haven't heard a word. No change in status on ebenefits. The letter states that the DAV has reviewed the latest VA decision concerning your claim for benefits. The VA has taken the following action(s).


1. Service connection for xxxxxx to include xxx and xxx.is granted in the amount of 70%effective date xxx

2 A clear and unmistable error occurred in the effective date of service connection of xxx and corrected effective date is xxx

3. Same as line 2 but different disability


My question is what does this mean? I was told when I filed my appeal I would have to go before a magistrate. Yet there is no mention of  one. Did the VA review my appeal and simply decide to approve it so there's no need for magistrate?  The letter states that if I agree with the decision then do nothing. Frankly I am skeptical and worried that this will blow up. If no,t how long might it be till final notification and how long till compensation kicks in? Anyone with experience who chooses to answer I thank you.

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It means you have been granted 70 percent.  I suggest you unconfuse your self.  Go fishing or visit your grandkids, or play poker, while you wait the official decision.  Wait for the letter.  We all have to do that.   The letter is "almost certainly" correct, but dont do anything until you get the official letter. 

Exception:  Since you have the percentage, and the effective date, you can calculate your retro, and THEN you can decide how to spend it.  That should be fun.  

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If I were you and you gave VA your Direct Deposit info, then I would start checking your bank account.

Many of us have had VA deposits made to our banks before we got the official award letter.

This sounds extraordinary:

"2 A clear and unmistable error occurred in the effective date of service connection of xxx and corrected effective date is xxx

3. Same as line 2 but different disability"

You mean they made 2 CUEs? Did your DAV rep file CUE claims?

CUEs can bring more $$$ , as retro. I am a Cuer. It is very unusual for VA to admit to CUE even in an award directly due to a CUE claim.

I cant interpret the CUE outcome, not enough info...

Was the DAV happy about those CUEs?

They called my last CUE filed within the appeal period ,actually filed within days of the denial, a "re-open", and reversed their initial denial in mere weeks. It is here under 1151 HBP CUE search.

But they did acknowledge the regulation they broke.(A Prime facie CUE.)

But CUEs called by the VA on the VA however can be a two edged sword.

wish we had more info but it will come within the actual award letter.


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