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Me too and Secretary Shulkin but no reply.....I asked the Hot line for a reply.

Whatever works Mike.Some of us here had good relationship with a former VA Secretary.Anthony Principi. weHe and I corresponded by email. A great advocate and friend Mike Harris- member here served with Principi in the they emailed or chatted about that. Mike Harris Pointman Ministries and Mekong Delta.

I have written to just about all of them since 1990-1991,Derwinski days and usually got replies.

Jesse Brown was always in Europe. I asked his liaison person what VA's are in Europe. In those days you could call the VA Sec office directly.




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bumping it up

anyone here going to call the WH to complain about the VA??????

If it is a claims problem, with your VARO , they will look into it........

if calling as an advocate, they will take notes and get back to you.......


Think about what you want to tell them.

If they violated your VCAA rights, or ignored probative evidence, or a C & P examiner overlooked important medical info in your files,  whatever it is...

most claims problems can be narrowed down to exactly why there even is a problem....

Dont be afraid to name names...I sure did.


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    I think many Vets are afraid of retaliation from VA if they call.  For example, I complained to Allison Hickey.  She refered me to the manager, and the manager promptly denied my claim.  

    While Im still not afraid of the BIG BAD VA, I still focus on things that work.  And, contacting the senator, the VASEC, etc, has not produced the results that I think it should.  The VA has a system, where they "blow off" senate inquires.  Oh sure they have someone speak to the senators office who says, "We will look into that senator".  

Then, the claim goes OUT of the processing pile and into the "senate inquiry" pile.  They send a letter, SOMETIMES, which pretty much goes like this:

"We are truly sorry for the backlog of claims, which affects (name of Veteran).  We are working on his claim diligently and should have an answer as soon as possible.  Thank you for contacting the Department of Veterans affairs.  By the way, if we had more money, we would not have this backlog, blah, blah blah. "

Of course it can be summarized with SSDD (same stuff, different day). 

    In many cases, contacting the senator (or the president) actually delays the claim, as it gets taken out of the "to do" file, and into the senate inquiry file.  

    In my case, I am at the BVA with a 2012 docket number.  Short of an advance on the docket, nothing will hurry it up.  I really dont need an advance on the docket, anyway, because I was able to keep the 2012 docket number as this was a remand from that case.  

    After I get the decision (it could be any day or it should happen by the 2017 holidays), I may complain to the white house.  I probably SHOULD complain.  I dont think many advocates beleive me when I say my evidence was shredded, but I have some great documentation that it was shredded.  My attorney says currently  "all" shreddergate appeals are on hold for now,  but I can not recall her reason.  

If I lose this time at the BVA, then I am coming back with both barrels loaded and shredded evidence.  Attorneys dont want shreddergate cases now.  But I will file writs of mandamus..I filed one before and I will do it again.   Im giving it ONE more time, then I declare war on shreddergate.   

     I feel like David fighting Goliath.  

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I would think anyone who is appointed by the POTUS or in his cabinet offically   then there going to do as the POTUS suggest! in fear of being FIRED

its to soon to tell what kind of president we have and to see if he is a man of his word.


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Yeah...and don't forget who won that battle. King David- one of the greatest battle strategists ever.!!!!!

My favorite OT person 

You are right---the VA has made veterans afraid ....since they (Secs office) are giving whistleblowers more support, they have to do that for veterans, who are whistle blowers and people like me, advocate/claimants who dont put up with their crap.   and then get retaliated against via the claims process.....

I will bring that up to the WH and to the Secretary.........I have proof of it. personal proof.


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On ‎6‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 7:10 AM, MikeHunt said:

Oh, OK

Have you ever heard a story like this:

eBenefits announced award, next day, the very next day, the retro was deposited.

I'd written a very good (evidently) complaint to the WH - fully justified in spades.

It works.


I too enquired about retro payment and within one week I got paid. I also got a call from the VA department who handles retro pay to confirm I got it. That surprised me. So they are getting better I think with assisting.

On the other hand I didn't get retro back dated because this was my first claim for headache although in my service record I complained about headaches since 1984. The headaches have manifested into migraines so my current rating was for migraines and not headaches. I was informed by the VA adviser to find diagnoses in my records where they treated me for headaches and submit for retro pay as a new claim. I am consisting doing that.    

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