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Was recently rated 90 percent

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It is paid at the 100% rate of compensation.

When you got the 90% were you employed?

If not did the VA correctly advise you to file for TDIU?

Did they attach the 21-8940 TDIU app form or tell you how to apply on line?

Do you get SSDI and is it solely for your SC conditions?

If so that is superb evidence for TDIU.

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Sameo to us -They (VA) have 38 CFR ,38 USC, and M21-1- but so do we.

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I agree this is superb evidence, if the VA said "you cant work".  I think this is error, if the VA says you cant work, but they do not consider you for TDIU.  However, its probably best not to mention this at this time.  Simply apply for tdiu, and if you the effective date is unacceptable then appeal that.  

Remember, the VA does not want you to appeal ONE time.  They almost always leave stuff on the table which you can appeal again and again.  Its job security.  I am on my 4th trip to the BVA, 3 trips to CAVC (one was a writ pro se), and about 14 or 15 RO decisions.  This could/should have taken ONE VARO decision.  

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Very strange, was there mention of an "Inferred IU Claim" included in your recent 90% Award? A redacted copy of this Award letter would be helpful.

Any chance you could post redacted copies of your  DBQ's? Is there a substantial MH SC involved somewhere?

Your SC's may or may not preclude you from being able to do "Any Type of Sedentary" employment that would provide in excess of the VA SGI $12,400 per yr (under 65 yrs).

Have you had "Earned Income" in excess of $12,400 per (12) month period over the past 12/24/36 months?

Applying on your E-Ben page for IU and also the VA Voc Rehab Dept should be considered. If a VA Voc Rehab Counselor (VRC) agrees that only your SC's preclude you from currently completing a VR Program, the subsequent VR Denial Letter could be the best-Supporting Evidence for an IU Award.

Semper Fi

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Might wait for my appeals to come back for my Back and Gerd. Might be close to a 100 percent after they come back. Do you think Ill have to do another C@P exam if I apply for TDUI unemployment?Havent worked since I got out in 09.All the exams the doctor put cant work or have troubling working. Ill try to post some of exams later. And they didnt advise me to apply for it.Also they found new things wrong with my feet that date back to 09 using different x-ray angles. Could I try to claim 09 claim date for backpay?

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