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Hello all,

Have a question maybe some can help.  So it has been now about 2 months since I have had my C&P exam that was set up through QTC.  Called a few times to check on status just to see if they had received results from the exam as from what I understand the C&P exam is sent back to them for review and then forwarded to VARO.  However, as stated it has been now 2 months and the Dr that performed my C&P exam has yet to send to QTC!  Is this a normal time, should I or would it be worth me going back up there myself to check?  I understand it can take 3 to 4 months or more in some cases for VA to rate once they receive all evidence but for the doctor to not have even sent back the results from the exam after 2 months?!  Just wondering....  Oh BTW, the doctor was a psychologist as my C&P exam was for mental.  Called QTC they say they have tried to call Dr, left messages etc.  THANKS!

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My understanding is that even when the doctors send it back to QTC it goes to their review department for weeks and they often asked questions to the provider and make addendum to the report im in the same wait but with VES. I don't know about you but I'd look at the exam request sheet and call the doctor asks if he sent it back to them and then ask them wheres it at. I don't play around with QTC i am not a fan which is why when they sent a request for another exam I wrote to the VA asking them to send the request to VES? QTC has lied to me on the phone I said send request back to the VA you got no doctors in this state..,

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Bigwill, glad you made it thru the exam. I had exams outside the VA. I have had alot and they are either done wrong, Docs suck, or the VA drags butt on getting the report. Just try to not go crazy. I am sure it will all work out. God Bless and keep us posted

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The unfortunate part is, what Peggy tells you is often wrong, which was explained to me by a very helpful fellow that answered one of my calls to be the result of laziness....he said, you will get different answers from different people because some will look at the top line of your files and regurgitate what it says rather than look thru the files for recent activity/requests. I could call and they'd say  gathering evidence phase "waiting on STR's"....hang up, call right back and be told In Prep for notification phase "got everything they need and decision has been rendered".

I've had no experience with QTC, but I would definitely be inquiring as to "why" my exam has yet to be sent to VARO. VARO will probably never answer that, they will simply put out the request for the exam notes per policy, I'd assume like request for other records (request - wait x days, 2nd request - wait x days, etc.) until they get a reply negative response or the notes.

I've learned a couple of things in the last couple of years.....YOU are the only one willing to do the footwork on your claim, exams are more about the "words" you use than the facts of your case and yo have to work VERY hard at controlling anxiety, because VA moves at VA's pace......period!

I wish you the best and hope for a positive result for you brother! Hang in there and good luck!

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as of 2021: QTC C&P exam conducted on 4/13/2021 (90miles away in order to get an appt less than 6weeks from requested).


Examiner stated " I should have report back in one week).

now 30days since exam, every call to QTC told examiner has not returned repirt, QA is working, or examiner is teying to be contacted .... sounds like they just feed veterans BS when asked.

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