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Questeion and Statement about VA Medical records databses

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Questeion and Statement about VA Medical records databases. So, after have treatment in service, several VA clinics, and hospitals. Not counting outside records integrated and added form outside medical clinics and hospitals.


So, After 20 years of care at one area clinic and hospital. and filing for disability claims. I complained about them not reading al of my records, even though I always made sure they had copies of any and al medical records.


I later transferred to another hospital when I moved. I made ever effort to talk to the hospital and records to make sure the new hospital that will care for me will have al of my records and to make sure al my records went to my VA claims.


The assured me they would have access and look up my records. Several times I was assure din person , over phones, at both old and new hospitals and clinics.


So, the VA claims did not read, see, or look at al my records. the new hospital did not look at or look for al my records.


My records are in at least three separate databases. If the power that be do not look for al three databases, they just see a small part of your records make assumptions that ruin your care, so you do not get the proper care. you claim get bungled because they don't look at all the records and claim they did even with the SSOC's. The poor sick disabled patient is never told they never looked at al the records. they BVA judge, if good, find out the records are not looks in the decisions and continues making Remands in the hamster wheel. 

The people working on the claim come and go as they skate through with bonuses. As your case continues going up like a huge ball of twine as you get sicker and sicker illnesses add up.. your life goes to hell, you loose family and homes.


The sick disabled vet and their family has no idea they never read all your records because it is on 3 different databases and do not connect together. The Vets should not have to even know about databases, should not have to learn and teach the claims people about databases, and find proof if the VA looked at al f them or attempted to look. Those that make decisions are not doctors they could have been painters for al we know while they make life and death medical decision from how they handle your claim.


The whole system and the people running it are despicable. The play god with sick vets lives and consider everyone a liar that files. Treat us as criminals. They continue getting fat on the hog.


What a disgusting system that need ripped apart and fixed.




Not in appeals, since I got 100%, and some of it was winning an 1151 negligence, which the VA turns out does not give ful benefits if you win 1151 negligence they squirm and legal loophhole you and your family out of many benefits, really crapp nasty bunch running the va benefits, they wil backstab and scre wyou even if you win you lose. May 2021.


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Thanks for the information.  I once had a local regional director claim I had never been to the San Diego facility after an emergency room visit and no fewer than five follow up appointments.  When they said I could go back they claimed I had missed three appointments and was not therefore eligible for care.

Good luck on your TDIU claim.

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Very fitting post considering what I and a few others have posted/asked about recently.  I would venture to say that vets have basically been told and then beaten down to accept things the way they are.  I'll bet you anything that government payroll and benefit systems have stayed updated and are working well.

We vets aren't activists, we don't march, we don't raise hell.  We accept the bs handed to us and make the best of it.  Fortunately the internet has given us a means to communicate with other vets in similar situations.  Many vets are too ill to be able to raise much hell.

By helping and informing more vets have become more knowledgeable and have won claims.

How do we change an antiquated system full of untrained, unskilled employees?  I'm not sure but I have been reaching out and trying to find answers.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

It is actually more than three different databases. For medical eligibility and treatment, each VA region is not able to see records from another VA region. In my case, I normally receive care in Alabama, but was in Florida a few years back and had to seek emergency medical care when I learned about it.

"If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid."
- From Murphy's Laws of Combat

Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert, so use at own risk and/or consult a qualified professional representative. Please refer to existing VA laws, regulations, and policies for the most up to date information.


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Hi, I agree the system needs to be ripped apart then fixed.

What I have noticed is non-VA records, when taken to a C & P exam, do not mean squat to the examiner.  Even though it says on their appt. card to bring any medical records, in my case (maybe yours too), the D.O. just flips thru the papers not reading anything.  WTF?  Why did I spend my money to get copies and the VA does not take the medical papers?  What is up with that?  Then the case goes to THE RATERS who pencil-whip the file and deny the claim.  I for one am sick of this.

It seems that the only records that count are the ones in all the VA databases.

Great post Retiredat44.


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Hollie Greene,

In my case the local VA disregarded civilian medical records and buddy statements.  At the BVA level my civilian medical records and buddy statements  carried the day.  Keep pushing until things work out.



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Hey Vetquest,

Thank you for the advice.  It is great your civilian medical records and buddy statements carried the day at the BVA level. I intend to keep pushing until things work out.  The local VA seems to be made up of a few stinkers who act like it is a bother to them when they have to deal with vets.

Thanks again.  :)

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