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Any Florida people and others in other states

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That are now on medical marijuana for pain please give details of the best one you found to work.

I am looking for a strain or type that will give me energy, take care of the pain but won't get me stoned!!! I do know I am going to get a little high with the THC but I am not looking to get such a high that I cannot do anything.

I am now just waiting for the State of Florida folks to enter me into the database so I can go do the dispensary.

I've been looking over the brochure the PM office gave me to the dispensary I am going to go to. Around where I live I have to travel an hour away to the nearest one. To understand how the dosages work they don't provide anything in milligrams whenever it comes to THC. They use RATIOS. So for example they have a 25:1 which means 25 THC to 1 CBD, or 1:25 which means 1 THC to 25 CBD.

My PM marijuana doctor told me NOT to just get one kind but to buy a few of them to figure out which one works best for me. What I have to do is buy one that gives energy and pain and then at night one that will help me sleep.


Anyway I haven't messed with marijuana since I was still green behind the ears, in my teens. Tried it a few times back then and I laughed my buttocks off.

Is there anybody here who is using it now, please leave some reviews.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

CBD is where you need to stay. I have a very good friend who was in a very bad wreck in 2000, the guy who hit him got decapitated and he had a front row seat to this along with 3 months in the hospital having his back rebuilt and neck healing.  4 months ago , he showed me a bottle of CBD he got, as he wanted off the pills he has been on since the accident.

Since he started this CBD journey , he said his life has changed as in no more pain pills, not much pain, clear head along with a major decrease in panic attacks to almost nothing. He told me that after 18 years, he feels normal again, something he thought impossible just a short time ago. I have read alot about CBD, this is the one thing that is giving Big Parma the jitters, but the cat is out of the bag and there is no going back, which is good for us that are still walking on this earth.

Do yourself a favor.....buy some gold and silver! The printing presses are in overdrive.

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I’ve been taking 100mg CBD and they don’t work that much for the nerve and muscle pain… But it does wonders for my cervicogenic headaches I get all the time… 


I really want a very high dose of CBD with a very low THC… From my research and studies from college some years ago CBD alone won’t work good by itself… With low THC the CBD actually helps the THC which is a type of cannabidiol… 

I’ve been reading nothing but great news about it so I hope what I read is great news for me…

I’m a Bible Thumper and believe with all my heart in the Word… I also believe that there is a medicinal use for this plant that our creator actually gave us to use…Do not get me wrong I’m all against people wanting to use it just to get a high… 

My pain doctor is conducting a study a study hopefully other PM doctors here in Florida are doing the same… He wants me to take the capsules but after looking at the price online at the dispensary I sent him a message and told him I could not afford that… Just for 25 capsules I would have to pay $60 and well that is way way too much for the quantity of pills, so I’m going to go with the vape pen…

I’m also going to start a journal to help him with his studies because I believe this is very important for everyone in pain…

I will let you know how it turns out… 

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My medical doctor in Florida recommended cannabis for my pain and anxiety.

Didn't work for me for pain or anxiety.

Waste of money fro me.

But... each person will not have my same results.

(Never tried the pills in 100% CBD).

Went to get some of them to try, but was told at the dispensary that my doctor recommended the ones with THC and CBD.

Was told I'd have to go back to the doc and have him change things so I could get the pure CBD.

More money, and the CBD is more expensive also.

I used Trulieve dispensary.

I no longer participate in the program.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

My Friend uses the liquid  CBD, he said it works faster.

Do yourself a favor.....buy some gold and silver! The printing presses are in overdrive.

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