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Chapter 31 Vocational Rehab if I already have a job?

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I have a 50% rating from the VA.  I will have my first meeting with my Voc Rehab counselor in 4 days.  I already have a job, but I plan to argue underemployed but it might be a stretch.  I need to get some technical certificates to stay competitive and try to get a remote job (work from home) where I can control my work environment like a standing desk, etc....  I work in the IT industry.

Does anyone have a sample PPT or word document plan to present to the VA counselor?   I read Ben Krause's site and he suggests that you go in prepared with a PPT or Word plan that shows your reasoning and your proposed plan.  Anyone out there have an example?



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With the VA VR Program, you're not precluded from entering the program just because your employed. Your SC Rating makes you eligible.

What do you need for the 1st meeting with a VRC, really just yourself. Unless things have drastically changed, after the meet and greet, you'll watch a couple of VR Program Videos about the Program. Then you'll receive a "No Wrong answer" check the box, lengthy questionnaire regarding different types of employment. Takes about a week for the results to be analyzed and recommendations made.                                                                            After completing the Questionnaire, you'll then have your 1st sit down with your assigned VRC to discuss what you're trying to accomplish.  This could range from going back to school,  help you in getting a job with the Gov/VA or possibly even starting a Self-Employment business.

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Thanks to Gastone and broncovet for the quick replies.  I know I am eligible, but entitled?  That is the next step I guess and is up to t he VRC, so that is why I want to be able to explain how my service connected disabilities will make a  future in this specific part if IT (hardware and travel with physical  challenges) vs the software development, software defined network and cloud technologies (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc...).

So, hope someone out there might share a sample rehabilitation plan and what they look like, and/or someone that has experience with Voc Rehab when they already had a job.  Also if someone has their own story of using Voc Rehab to get Technical IT certifications.

Thanks all!


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I submitted a "essay" of sorts on the job I was seeking, the pay and how my curriculum, would fit into this career plan. I don't think you need a sample, start with the basics outline.

Use headings. I would keep it one page.  I graduated with a B.S. the same month I was awarded IU. 

1. Seeking .... certifications in  blah....  to enhance... blah

2. The Job market supports the above findings due to......

3. The way it will enhance my career will be....

4 The way I will seek to further my career once i receive the certifications will be.....  

Once you get the answers to the above questions - use this information to write the short essay to support your claim. - insert websites and citations as appropriate. 

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J3, just don't over complicate a relatively simple process.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

When I was in VOC-REHAB they said I would be a good fit for working on the Railroad Engineer, not sure what they meant by that?

  Maybe driving those railroad spikes in the ground (General Labor) because  I can't work or do General Labor =  I got TDIU W/ P&T

I think IU is not paid enough to us veterans or even close to what our income could have been if we could have worked,  but we can't and have to settle for less eh!

So those BS Degrees or any degree really is useless to us.

  Don't get me wrong IU is a good thing, but if there going to pay us because what happen to us in the military and it deprived us from working and making a decent living for our families and helping our children with their education  then they should pay us a more decent compensation. (jmo)  I help out with sending my grandsons to college  but I wish I could help out more  but we got to live too.

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I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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