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Increase for anxiety C&P

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Currently at 50% for anxiety/depression. I filed for an increase a few months ago, I didn't submit any additional medical documentation etc while submitting the developed claim. My question is, I  have tried several medications over the last 2 years, none if which have worked, and my symptoms have only gotten worse. In order for me to get an actual increase in rating do I HAVE to have medical documents i.e civilian psychiatrists notes. Or if the C&P examiner deems it will I get an increase? The women who scheduled me just said to bring a list of meds I've taken, that's it.


Any help appreciated!!

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So, you may have seen this posted here before, but in case you haven't "the VA is not your friend!" They are collectively not looking out for your best interests. What do you have to show that your symptoms and conditions have gotten worse than from when you were last examined and rated? How do those changes stack up to the next rating bump for the diagnostic code (s) you are rated at? Do you have anything from your ongoing treatment sessions from the VA that show your current conditions? Do they show improvement or worseing? If you don't have medical evidence going in it you are putting everything on your exam. You are not making it very easy for a C&P examiner to make a favorable recommendation.

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If you have civilian records of treatment, file these with the VA so your C&P examiner can see ongoing treatment and a worsening of symptoms.  The C&P examiner is someone who knows nil about your history and has to make a decision on several hours of work, including your exam.  These records also show chromic symptoms related to your disability that the rater can read and hopefully make an informed decision.  I have taken to sending records of treatment with important information highlighted.

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