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C&P report never sent to VA

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C&P exam for PTSD was done on July 31st. It was done by a VA doctor. It’s been almost 3 weeks and the VA is saying they are still waiting on the report. I called up to the C&P office and was told it’s “not done yet.” Wouldn’t it be done the day of? The claim is supposed to being expedited and this is the only thing they are waiting on.  

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No, it doesn't necessarily have to be done the same day. In fact, I doubt if a majority are written up and released on the same day. I don't know if you have any other s-c ratings now, but a mental health eval can mean 50, 70 or even higher %. The VA usually will make sure on those "high value-type" awards everything is right on those. Why do you say it was supposed to be expedited?

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GBArmy is right.  From your other post, I think you need to start attacking this from another angle as the VA will always be slow even when there is a hardship.  Please refer back to your other post so we can point you in a direction to help figure out your current problem which can't wait on the VA.

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Question for you, when were you in high school and did that book report and did you read a 403 page book (Prelude to Foundation) and wrote about it in 3 hours?  Medical reports take time especially for the mind/neuro. This era of I want it yesterday and Instantaneous is really getting out of hand.

Yes we have the Internet but the real world still operates like the real world.

"Book/medical reports" are not pizzas, where you can call up the pizzeria and get it within the hour.  Every body want its now now now. LOOK at it as if it was similar that to ordering a magazine subscription BECAUSE it is exactly like doing so.

  1. You rip out that post card from the magazine at the store    - took twenty minutes to go to the store
  2. You leave the store - 1 minute
  3. Take keys out of your pocket - 4 seconds
  4. Open car door - 2 seconds
  5. enter car
  6. closed door
  7. put keys into ignition 
  8. turn keys
  9. engine starts 
  10. drive safely out of the parking lot or bat out of hell and hit shopping carts
  11. Go home without getting pull over by police - twentty minutes
  12. Fill it out
  13. Put it in your mailbox
  14. The next day mailman picks it up - 24 hours
  15. ...
  16. Four to Six weeks the magazine will be in your mailbox - 4-6 weeks
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