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VARO tomorow. Tips? First Claim, VSO, I.D. (DEERS) what am I missing?

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I would appreciate any planning tips, putting together my plan of attack for tomorrow. 

1)  I have a list of things to bring already, any must brings? 

2) I have  a list of things to accomplish, what am I missing? 

a) VA ID Card,  and the verification needed for (DEERS?) so that I can enter a claim in ebenefits. at the RO.

What else can I accomplish at the RO?

b) VSO, look them over, talk to one or all, maybe choose one to work with on my first claim. 

3) Should I call either the RO or the VSO groups that are there to make appointment or just walk in? 

What questions should I ask the VSO? 

I haven't been to one of these RO before, its almost 4 hours away, I want to make this trip count.  Any suggestions to add to my list? 


I plan on filing first claim for 1) tinnitus 2) hearing loss 3) deformed toenail (military medical procedure). Plan is 20% Not much to debate on these SC. Most likely choose a VSO to work with so I can be 'more' likely to learn enough to submit my real claim after.  And maybe I will fly through the process with these, and maybe I won't. But, one way or another, I will either have filed initial claim before I leave the RO or will have the last tool necessary to do it myself online.

My first VAMC appointment is next week, if anyone has any tips for that visit, I am preparing for it, gathering up my medical history (was a work in progress as I have been doing so to work on big claim). Any must do's and don'ts ? 

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The VARO has offices from various veterans service organizations, like DAV, VFW, etc... Not sure which ones have offices at your location. I learned that the DAV at my VARO was open Mon-Thurs and I arrived on a Friday.

The VSOs can help you get started on your claims. You might even have a VSO rep closer to where you live. Here in Alabama, I have used the DAV at the VAMC and also the state/county VSO reps. Feel free to visit all the VSOs if you want or have timeyou may have to sign in and wait. Just remember, some organizations like VFW will only represent veterans who meet certain criteria. Not sure if they will answer general questions, but assume they probably will to some degree. 

Regardless of where they are, jst remember they stay busy. They can help you by filling out the claims forms and reviewing your material. Just keep in mind that some of them can be minimalists. Don't expect them to go through every page of your files and look for all possible claims you can file. it does sound like you are on the right path. You have a plan and an idea of what you want to file which is a good start.

At the VAMC, you might have to go through the eligibility office (if you have not already). They will get you into the system and make a VA ID card. Not sure if the VARO can give you a VA ID card or not. 

if you go back to the main page, there are a lot of resources to help you learn more about the ins and outs of the system. Don't hesitate to ask questions, but try to be specific.

If you post any scanned documents or type/copy/paste text from your personal records, be sure to redact/black out any private details.

good luck on your visit tomorrow!



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thanks, good point about these folks that I will be seeing will be busy, and not to waste their time. I am always as concise as I can be in person, as the stakes for me, are pretty high, and have been for a very long time. That is why I over prepare.

I know what I want to ask them, thanks to researching here and other places. 

And I know what I want to accomplish at RO, that is reason for the trip. 

I received two referrals for 'special' agents, we will see.

Looks like I have two interviews to do I believe I have enough general info to accomplish this phase of the plan. 

I know I can't get anyone to do the legwork for me, I know its the veterans job to dig it all up and to know what they want from it.  I want to find someone who knows what they are looking at, after I put it together and they will see more than just a stack of paper (even if it is a digital stack). And someone who is not going to dessert me after the first submit button is pressed. I want to see a track record, and something complex that they have been involved in, and know that they stick with the claim, like beans on rice, and will communicate at the right times, if I can't find something close to those specs, I will wing it. 

I appreciate all of you letting me sharpen my tools a bit, or a least, remove a few burrs. 



no worry about the originals, got that message loud and clear.....

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I just posted VA Fast Letter 10-35 in this thread:

The VA is supposed to apply it when dealing with Tinnitus and Hearing Loss claims.

There are two links- the first one has the MOS list with it, and your MOS might well put you into an obvious tinnitus category. So you certainly should claim the tinnitus and HL.

You mentioned other issues in past posts but those issues will need to conform to the Caluza Triangle, that Broncovet so often mentions here- because it is the key to gaining VA compensation for most veterans.

Just for fun I googled' Broncovet Caluza Triangle ' and over 200 links popped up-

I am so glad he brings this up often here because it is the essence of most compensation awards.

Hopefully you will get your SMRs soon. And I hope they are legible.

I dealt with some very old handwritten 1960 SMRs many years ago, it took me three weeks to decifer them.

Unfortunately the veteran had been to BVA and the CAVC twice by then but his lawyers never ever attempted to read the SMRs.  I prepared  an assessment of my lay findings in his SMRs as to the disability he had, that VA kept denying,for his private doctor  and the doctor (an expert in the field of his disability)prepared a free IMO for him and he won.

Vet reps wont take the time to find evidence in SMRs of a potential nexus, and apparently neither will some lawyers, he had two who didn't, and none of us here really have the time that can take, but you sound very capable of doing this yourself-and you did mention other potential SC disabilities but we do not know what they are.

Nexus is Everything. Nexus is the documented cause, injury, stressor, etc etc that had led to a disability you have now, with no other etiology or cause, but for your service.








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Yes, Berta, I do repeat myself on the Caluza Triangle.    I dont think its possible to overemphasize the Caluza Triangle (aka Caluza elements) when appealing Vets claims.  Its pretty simple, really:

1.  Get all 3 Caluza elements documented (current diagnosis, in service event, and nexus) or get denied.  

2.  There is no number 2.  

      I repeat myself because, I see, over and over, Vets persuing SC when they have one or more missing or weak Caluza elements.    If people learned to search, they could find the answers, but most love the personal touch of having their question answered, "not just" someone else's question even in it would apply to them.  



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I made it home with all my originals, and even some new copies of same, and some new originals (that I have never had before.


I made sure I didn't overstay my welcome, there sure was a lot of people who wanted my autograph?

I decided if I was going to go with a VSO, maybe one who Vets are willing to wait 4 weeks for an appt (to be accepted or not) and for me to drive 3 hours to find out,  is probably better than one who always has time (I know I could be wrong). 

  •  I filed Intent to File with VA. 
  • I was 'proofed' by the VA, so I can now sign into eBenefits.
  • I POA'd. State Veterans Affairs. AL
  • I have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks. 

and for some reason, the State wanted me to pick out a hole in the ground? 


Miss Berta, 

Flight Line, and not proximity to, but on the ladder talking to pilots to find out what is wrong with aircraft radar (while removing one muff so pilot can scream in my ear, as the clock is ticking to when the jet has burned too much fuel on the, running up and down the cockpit ladder in front of the running jet engine....that still holds the worlds record straight line speed for a 'SINGLE' jet engine....still hear it....since 1974. I know how to 'sell' the truth. Of course I will never stop learning....and always eager to attend class....

There were two squadrons of F106s at my base, it was the training base.....24 hours of flying, some birds flew 3 sorties a day, day training, night training, IFR (inflight refueling training) New aircraft training, weapons and systems training......all this training for pilots......LOTS OF flying on base.....lots of running aircraft......lots of After Burning of two bird take offs while maybe another two are taxiing in and another 2 are taxiing out.....and another 2 or 3 crew chiefs are playing ground pilot with their birds......and then add the gasoline, diesel, and turbine, AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) Electric Generators, Big Air Conditioners (big coolers), Hydraulic Mules.....really annoying noise.....and how about a hydraulically tuned Magnetron (like resetting the power on your microwave with hydraulics that move so fast it sounds like another jet engine) or testing the weapons bay doors (the six flew clean, all the weapons tucked into the belly, until launched) those doors were pneumatic was loud too.....NO ONE ever could say they saw the door open or close at the same time they heard it, highly probable is likely 

I do have my training records folder with sign off's for OJT training, on the flight line, with the Red Ball Wizard, the base's go to guy for fixing aircraft running in a hurry, so right out of tech school, while most went to six months half day classroom/ half day on flight line carrying someones tool box.....I carried the old Swede's tool box around all day long for six long months. On running jets, all day long. 

I just received in the mail, another audio test from a MD in 2007. I am 50's and 60's both ears over 2K, drops from 10's like a rock after 2K. This is civilian doc. I know, 0%, 

Thanks for fast track info. 

Interesting about the STR's. I am eagerly awaiting to see if anything even turns up, I sure hope so. 

Nexus and Caluza.....


I have 3 boxes of medical records so far after service....

I have over a hundred documents saved offline and bookmarked to revisit and reference to those records and what happened to me in the service.  I think I have a good start. My wife and I have some charting and timeline partially done.  It is overwhelming, but, that is the priority now. 



It will be awhile...I have some interesting nexus lines to draw. 

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