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Nexus letter

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  • HadIt.com Elder

What are you trying to do? You possibly might not need it depending on your evidence, etc. We need a lot more info.

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You will have a better chance if you do the follow things

1) order your C-file

2) go through your c-file and take notes categorizing it for reference - page 1 said this is your c-file,  page 28 is lab results normal, page 193 is where the medic x-rayed my foot after it got broken, page 404 not found error 

unfortunately its not in order (but the copy that the VA has is in order, after they spent a billion dollars for that system) and you have to go page by page looking for the needles in the hay field. Keep your pages in a Spreadsheet for record keeping in Free Libre Office and this will take some time doing so, because half of your records are in "doctor script" and deciphering scribble will take time to decipher.

3) learn 38CFR 



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A nexus letter is part of the triumvarte.

1. Inservice incident or current service connected issue.

2. Current diagnosis of injury.

3. Nexus letter connecting the two.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

All good responses so far.

@Fat is definitely correct. If you happen to get a nexus, but don't have the other two, you won't get SC. Additionally, the first element can also be a presumptive condition (like Gulf War illness or AO).

If you get a nexus, having the doctor reference your evidence is a good idea. Ensure the doc does not use the terms "probably" or "possibly". The terms you want them to use are "as likely as not" (50% certainty), "more/most likely than not" (75%), or "caused by/due to" (100%). It is also a good idea for them to include a strong nexus explaining how or why.

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