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There is another site on the web run by former member and frequented by former members. The site has taken to bashing us here and there.

I don’t waste a lot of ink on disgruntled members, I will however address a couple of things.

I am running a fundraiser to pay for the site for a year + money to clean up the malware and hacking we are currently under.

it’s optional, if you can give great, if you can’t I understand.. I have a very different site than one that others run. It costs more than others, we actually run two sites the Wordpress side and forum side.

trolls will show up from time to time, please do not feed them.

and remember

Currently, there are many competitors. Some require subscriptions; some sell books, and others herald their own hero stories. There are plenty of those. You know, the ones a veteran hires a representative, and that rep writes a blog post showing off their hero abilities to help this veteran and bloviate, so we know how clever they are. That's all fine and good. At HadIt.com, though, you were the hero. The average veteran made a difference in another veteran's life. That was the story of HadIt.com.

This last year saw an unprecedented attack on the site: malicious malware and several other destructive attacks.

Why? A competitor or disgruntled visitor usually instigates these particular types of attacks. Of which we have both.


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Every since I have joined Hadit, all have been great. I was actually a member since 2018. My name has changed due to the fact of new phone and email so I had to create a new one. My last user name was All the way and I think 80duece. 

But anyways this site is great. Lots of great info especially from the elders like Berta  GB, Broken, Dustoff, Vync, lots of others and number one Tbird.

I wish that I could afford to donate but at this time and moment, I can not due to unemployment and spending money for imo,s DBQ,s trying to get into the 100 club.

I do promise, once I get my blessings, I will spread my blessings. 

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I will do another check when we get the COLA increase.

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Sometimes and often a competing party will successfully use low down dirty street fighting actions (lies) that win the battle and the war while the victim goes down to defeat in dust with self-righteous principle. To each his own.

Fight fire with fire but do it smartly.

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