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Hadit is "Staying Alive"

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Having been a long time hadit member, I and many others who follow this forum have had the occasion to see differences of opinion develop and confrontations play out between moderators and members. I might take the opportunity to express my opinion in that the moderator always seems to win, but the moderator is not always right.

I suggest that in the recreated hadit that there be a committee to settle legitimate disagreements before hard feelings are allowed to be generated. 

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Correct, the moderator is not always right, but, remember too, CONGRESS is ran by a multiple  committee's, and Congress approval rating is currently at 21%.  Thus, there is no guarantee that everyone will agree or abide by the committee decision either.  

Right now, we dont have volunteers enough to run all the position we currently have, let alone additional committees.  

And, to be sure, I consulted with multiple other moderators/members  before "judgement calls" were made.  

In the end, the owner of the NFL team makes the decisions but he has the help of many team members.  

Tbird has "opened it up" to serve as volunteers.  So, you or others may well serve as a volunteer in some capacity, and, at least speaking for myself, will likely get consulted before a "big move" is made so you have a say, even tho there currently is no "committee".  

Decisions are not taken lightly, and I have not seen a hadit decision yet, where there was not a consensus agreement it was the best thing to do.  

To have a say on hadit management, simply volunteer, and do a great job.  

While I dont speak for Tbird, I can speak about how my portions as moderator have been decided..I always consult before making a decision.  

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Yes I feel we are going down a rabbit hole.

I am also a long time member 

The site was veterans helping veterans who hadit with the VA.

Now it seem to be a lot of different stuff.

Ppl telling veterans the VA has rules and follow them.

Let keep it real no one is a accredited VA agent.

An it illegal to act like one.

So I don't think veterans are come here for legal advice.

Well I don't I come for information that might help me understand different stage of the VA process. 

My thing to all is educated your self and handle your case as you see fit.

No one can tell you the out come of your claim or appeal on this site.

They are given there opinion.

An I believe we all fought to be able to have a opinion an not to be told one person opinion is gold.

Educate yourself that is how you win your claim or appeal.

Most of the veterans who won fought the VA for there benefits. By addressing the VA errors in there case.

Not just sit back allowing the VA to take them down rabbit holes.

Learn the VA traps and delay tactics.

Educate yourself on your condition and how the VA is to rate it.

I don't add my opinion to thing I never did or have experience dealing with.

Glad hadit is stay open but remember the mission.

Veterans helping veterans that hadit it dealing with the VA.

That what attracted me to the site.

Not ppl acting like accredited VA agents when they are not.




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I only give advice in the area of what it took to win my claims.  Yet, I have members advise against my approach, or say 'you shouldn't have to do it that way'.  That's fine. But my approach worked.  And it worked out real well compared to the folks that took a different approach.  Like you shouldn't have to get an outside IME, or your outside IME is good enough to skip a C&P.  Maybe you are correct and I think this leads to a 'let's agree to disagree', but don't argue on my approach vs yours.  I realize we just had a member win his case by skipping a C&P exam and getting approved.  Awesome.  It's just not a gamble I was willing to take.  Seeing this approval by skipping the C&P is maybe something I should have tried on a claim or two to see how it turned out.  IDK.  I did have several claims denied with an outstanding IME and a subsequent C&P examiner saying otherwise.

After being out for 25 years and filing my first claim a few years ago, I got 100% P&T, SMC-S in a year and a half.  No appeals, no court hearings, etc.  I'm done.  Not looking to fight the VA for decades.  So ya, I think my approach has some merit.  Yet, I have people say 'you shouldn't have to do it that way and take the fight to the VA for years'.  We just have different approaches.  Hopefully we both end up with the end results we deserve.

BTW, I luv everyone of you and arguing is not one of my approaches to settling disagreements.  I'm just going to state what it took for me to win in a short period of time without a ton of evidence in my records.  I used the VA rules and laws in place and brought the house to them.  In the end, my local VSO I was using was asking me for advice on how I did it so fast.  He was like 'damn dude'.

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