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Hypertension awarded

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Hypertension awarded 1/11/2023 Vietnam Vet. First filed in 2009 as secondary to diabetes ll.

Denied ,appeal, so on and so on.Then in 2015 filed again. This time secondary to diabetes and PTSD, deny, deny deny, so on and so on..Remanded,remanded,remanded so on and so on.

Finally awarded Hypertension due to diabetesll/Ptsd 1/11/23. What did I get 0% after 14 yrs.

They were not going to go back 14 yrs to reimburse me. It makes sense. This is how they are going to beat this presumption clause. Iam 90% tdui p/t. Dont know where to go from here.The state I live in only recognizes 100% pt to receive state benefits. It sucks!

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Well he stated that he first filed in 2009. Denied, then he stated he appealed. My question is did he stopped at BVA level or did he take it all the way to CAVC?

Now he filed again in 2015 as a secondary to PTSD/diabetes. Denied again. Did you appeal that claim or did you just let the claim close. If did not appeal within a year, the claim is closed which effects the EED.

Now the PACT was signed in August 2022. If you was awarded 10% or more, your effective date is August 2022 but you got 0%.. 

Really don't know the situation but sounds like you were service connected under presumptive condition.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If you are90% you need another 50% to get to 100%.  It is crazy but true.  I just went from 90% to 100% a few years ago.  I also go 0% for HBP as a Vietnam vet.  I think I should appeal but it would not get me more money.

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True. If you are at 90, you need another 50. I am in the same boat. It is hard but can be done. 

Try for an increase on sc conditions.

Look at secondaries to sc conditions like sciatica, depression, osa. 


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