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Filed for increase (PTSD) - No private DBQ submitted, what does this VA status mean?

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Hello everyone,

I am currently 70% for PTSD (MST) and filed for an increase.

My current VA status online states the following, “DBQ PSYCH PTSD Review.” That was sent to a “VA Medical Facility.”

However, I never submitted a private DBQ nor have I been scheduled for a C&P exam. I contacted the 1-800 number and they confirmed no C&P was requested. 

The only thing I submitted as evidence was a document from a private doctor showing worsening symptoms (not a DBQ), a personal statement and buddy letter. 

Does anyone know what the VA status means above? Does this mean it’s an ACE review or they were reviewing my original DBQ from my very first claim I filed initially?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to Hadit.com

Hard to say with the VA these days, the VA should contact you in one way or another soon. I can say that I submitted a regular treatment appointment, and the VA considered it as a VA examination. Why did they do that I have no idea but it was written up as favorable evidence so I will see.  

Edited by pacmanx1

My intentions are to help, my advice maybe wrong, be your own advocate and know what is in your C-File and the 38 CFR that governs your disabilities and conditions.

Do your own homework. No one knows the veteran’s symptoms like the veteran. Never Give Up.

I do not give my consent for anyone to view my personal VA records.


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Posted (edited)

They wouldn’t look at the original DBQ they already did that’s what got your original rating.

More likely they’re considering your statement, and the private medical information you submitted, and they’re sending it to someone to do a medical opinion based on ace. We can do that sometimes without creating an entire examination request in the schedule because we have a few C@P doctors that we can email and contact directly rather than having to go through a vendor.  

As much as I hate to say it, I take whatever the one 800 people say with as much salt as you guys do, because they can see very little of what’s actually in your claim file on what’s happening, they can only read the notes that we submit. Unfortunately, some of my bread and leave really crappy notes that don’t really explain what’s going on also so when the 800 people go to look at the notes the information they have available to pass on to you is not very good. And for that, I apologize. It’s a constant thing that we’ve been working on in my regional office at least for quite some time now for employees that are new, and also via corrective training with the current employees. 

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(I AM NOT A RATER- I work the claims BEFORE they are rated, annotating medical evidence in your records, VA and Legal documents,  and DA/DD forms- basically a paralegal/vso/etc except that I also evaluate your records based on Caluza and try to justify and schedule the exams that you go to based on whether or not your records have enough in them to warrant those)

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I will chime in here even tho, Broken Soldier almost certainly has a better answer than I can give.  

Part of my answer is "just speculation" from working in IT.  

Often, on the computer, you must answer a question, before the computer allows you to continue.  And, sometimes, none of those answers apply, but you have to give an answer, often trying to pick the "least wrong" of the drop down box or answers from which you must select one. As one example, on a loan form Im often forced to choose between one of the following:  A

1.  Employed (no)

2.  Unemployed (No)

3.  Business owner (NO) 

4.  Retired (not really, Im a disabled Vet and that is different than if I retired from the military)

      So, I must pick one of these and notice that "disabled Vet" is not one of the choices.  I could pick number 2, since I am "unemployed" but not on unemployement compensation.  But that is problem matic since I do get tdiu, which is not unemployment.  Number 4 sort of describes my situation, except they often ask "where am I retired from, and then send in proof".  Well, I cant do that either, because Im not retired military and I cant send them proof of retirement.  I could go on, because I do get a small income from a previous business I owned, but Im not actively working the business, and have not been for years, either.  So, none of these describle my situation, but I have to pick one, and whichever one I pick is not compeltely truthful because it does not accurately describe my situation.  Then I have to sign and attest that everything I said was true and correct.  

    I suggest you, are a victim of some sort of software glitch, where a va employee had to check one of the boxes, and he had to pick the dbq thing, even tho it was not correct.  

With all of the above said, when I do fill out a loan application, I just go for it and do the best I can.  (Im almost always approved).  In short, I suggest you not worry about it, and focus on stuff "that will affect your outcome", and not worry so much about the process which is up to those people who work on the process.  


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Nice one broncovet. I am sure what brokensoldier244th said is true.  The one thing I do at the first level of 800-Betty is ask them to open your (my) claims file.  If they can't view what or can't do what you need them to do. I ask to speak to a supervisor.  The supervisor seems to have different access to your C-File and other access and powers to do various things. I know this as a fact both by my experience on the 800 number and watching it happen at the RO in person.

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