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    • Is that your reply to my question here: "Is your inservice nexus to the anxiety/depression in your SMRs and/or established in any other way?" I guess I mean- is that surgical error the cause for the anxiety and depression? Was this surgery done by the VA? If so Was this filed as a Section 1151 negligence claim? and if so, do your VA medical records reveal a diagnosis and treatment of the anxiety and depression that is directly due to the surgical error? and If so do you also have  any other additional disabilities that stemmed directly from the surgery and any scar that might be ratable under 1151?
    • Yes, I went through a group that has POA for assisting in this. I first thought something like that, but I read somewhere else that said when a Pending Disability is listed as type "REP", it indicates reopening of a case. That's what really got me concerned as I can't see a reason they would want to reopen it unless something was found to be way wrong. But I'm rather ignorant in most all of this, so it's just been flustered speculation on my part.
    • I think by REP they might mean representation and maybe they had the wrong POA listed ???? Do you have a POA?
    • Hello. I'm totally new here, although I did a fair bit of reading on this site during my claim process (thanks very much for the info!). Anyhow, recently my claim finished up with an 80% combined rating. All in all it was very quick, just a few months. I only put in a claim for 2 conditions, a shoulder issue and depression. The depression came back for 70%, 20% on the shoulder. During the process, my claim bounced back and forth from pending approval to awaiting decision. During that time they also decided to add on surgery scars for my shoulder, which got a 0% rating. On Saturday, July 16th ebenefits updated with my decision and about a week later I got the actual letter in the mail. So there's the background. I left eBenefits alone after that and then decided randomly to take a look in there today. In doing so, I noticed something odd in the disabilities section. For some reason under Pending Disabilities, there is a listing of "Quality Review Correction", submitted 7/19, type of "REP", and nothing under Action. Does anyone happen to have an idea what this may mean? Am I at some risk for a sort of retroactive reduction in my rating? I just feel a bit tense as I had thought this was all over for a while but now this. If anyone has at least some idea of what it could mean, that would really help relieve my concerns. Thanks. :)      
    • Hi everyone.  I have a question regarding tinnitus.  I filed last year and was denied without a C&P exam.  I spent most of my career on the admin side due to what civilians call medical malpractice at an Air Force hospital.  So, other than a short tour in Bosnia, no combat experience that could have caused it.  I would like to know if tinnitus could be secondary to one of my other disabilities.  Please don't get me wrong, I don't want anything I'm not entitled to, but I've had ringing in my ears for as long as I can remember so if it is service connected, I'd like the VA to rate it.   I am currently rated for: MDD-70% Sleep Apnea-50% Sciatica, Right-40% BPH-40% Tracheotomy Scar-30% (this, and everything related to it, is where they really screwed me up) Sciatica, Left-20% right medial epicondylitis-10% GERD-10% Allergic Rhinitis-10% Sinusitis-10% (secondary to rhinitis) Deviated Septum-10% Hypertension-0% Left thumb scar-0% Meds currently include Divalproex, Bupropion, Lisinopril/HCTZ, Nexuim, Atorvastatin, Hydroxyzine Pamoate, and Tamulosin.   I apologize for the length of this. Like I said, if tinnitus isn't tied to any of this, fine.  But if it is, I'd like that service connection documented. Thanks everyone.


Hypertension (high Blood Pressure) Va Ratings

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I took the liberty to put up the VA ratings for HTN (Hypertension aka High Blood Pressure). This might help some people with questions. I think if you take all your readings from the past and present and put into a spreadsheet with dates and places then take an average of all the readings. If it falls into these categories, then that can help substantiate your claim, but this is just my opinion, so don't go crazy if your case is different.

7101 Hypertensive vascular disease (hypertension and isolated systolic


Diastolic pressure predominantly 130 or more............................................................. 60

Diastolic pressure predominantly 120 or more............................................................. 40

Diastolic pressure predominantly 110 or more, or; systolic pressure

predominantly 200 or more............................................................................

....... 20

Diastolic pressure predominantly 100 or more, or; systolic pressure

predominantly 160 or more, or; minimum evaluation for an

individual with a history of diastolic pressure predominantly 100

or more who requires continuous medication for control......................................... 10

Note 1: Hypertension or isolated systolic hypertension must be confirmed by readings taken two or more times on at least three different days. For purposes of this section, the term hypertension means that the diastolic blood pressure is predominantly 90mm. or greater, and isolated systolic hypertension means that the systolic blood pressure is predominantly 160mm. or greater with a diastolic blood pressure of less than 90mm.

Note 2: Evaluate hypertension due to aortic insufficiency or hyperthyroidism, which is usually the isolated systolic type, as part of the condition causing it rather than by a separate evaluation.

Note 3: Evaluate hypertension separately from hypertensive heart disease and other types of heart disease.

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