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  1. Does anyone have any idea how long DFAS Audit take when you see compensation issue on the website or are there any other indicators to look for that tells what is going on with the HLR? This was a HLR for an EED based on CUE. The claim states a new decision has been made but in typical VA fashion I cannot get any information yet! Looking for some insight!
  2. Hi Berta 

    Congratulations on winning the day and thank you for your service!  When an HLR for a CUE on EED is closed and it states compensation  issue on review what does this mean if anything?  We are always so desperate for information we read into these things and I do not want to do that in this case. Can you help explain this?

    1. Scottish_Knight


      compensation issue on review, means that an audit of your pay (retro-pay perhaps?) will be conducted (if warranted, hence 'on review') by DFAS, which takes time.

    2. fbbdab


      That then could mean the EED was granted! In this case, the Vet is retired military and would have to have that review done before the retropay is paid out. This could be good news!

    3. fbbdab


      See Elder Berta ‘s response below. As always, she provided additional good insight if you working an earlier effective date (EED) case.


  3. Who is Peggy? And what is her number...
  4. I wish you luck on your claim too. I'm in the Maryland area. Take care my veteran friend

  5. WOW, even though this original post is over a year old, this very thing is happening to me now, in reverse. I got divorced, notified the VA and they kept paying the dependent rate. When I requested a increase on a disability and notice it then I notified them again and they said I owe them. IT IS SO NOT FAIR. Their own careless, imcompetent employees made this egregious error and I, the Vet, have to pay for it. I submit a contestment and a waiver to the bill, and I'm still waiting on that, they threaten to stop my benefits for several months to make up for the overpayment. I am glad to hear you were victorious!! AIM HIGH
  6. Would this be grounds for a CUE claim? In May 2008, I submittted a claim for hiatal hernia and asbestos exposure. The claim was denied in July 2009. I submitted a NOD with DRO election and they requested C&P exams in 2011, after they said I was a no-show but I never received the appointments. I FOIAed the exam documents and the doctors clearly stated that the hiatal hernia was service connected back to 1992 with severe GERDs and the asbestos exposure (pleural plaque on lungs) was "at least as likely as not " to be related and have occurred while in service. I am still waiting for a decision but in the event it comes back denied again , or even if it doesn't can I file a CUE ? FBBDAB "AIM HIGH"
  7. Pjenks Check out this link: http://militarypay.defense.gov/Retirement/concurrent_dod_va.html Hopefully this will explain how receiving both forms of pay is being implemented. Please post back if it answers your questions. Hope it helps. FBBDAB "Aim High"
  8. I was initially rated at 40% and went back to VA to continue the fight. I'm in the DC/MD/VA area. I NOD'd a denial decision on asbestos and a hiatal hernia clearly annotated in my records. I got a C&P and the doctor during the exam included in his examination that I had sleep apnea and a severe case of GERDs associated with the hernia. Does anyone know if the GERDs and sleep apnea will get rated in the decision or will VA ignore it and just rate on the hernia? If VA is true to themselves, they will probably ignore it and I will have to file a separate claim for that. I'm hoping that just once they will do something for the good of the veteran. If anyone has had this experience, please share your results, I'd love to know what to expect. Thanks FBBDAB "Aim High"
  9. Hi fellow Vets I'm new to the forums from Washington DC but I am really enjoying the sharing of information and experience. I'm three years in on an appeal, still waiting on that brown envelope. Thanks to all and God Bless America.
  10. I was diagnosed with pleural plaques on my lungs. The C&P Examiner stated in the review exam papers that "it is as likely as not" that it occurred as a result of service related exposure to asbestos while in service. Has anyone had any success with getting a SC percentage for pleural plaque on the lungs? This is my first post and I want to say it is a privilege to be amongst so many who have served this country, many thanks to those who went before me and those serving now, hopefully our struggles with the VA will benefit them when they need it.
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