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  1. well my claim for psycotic disorder ptsd was completed on the decision it stated that ptsd and psycotic disorder were combined so i recieved 70 percent so yes it is true they cant rate you for two mh disoders well if the did alout more veterans would 1000 pt and they dont want that.
  2. if you file on ebenefits it works faster trust me the vso are not that great.
  3. the va always screws something up it took 18 months just to 70 percent for ptsd but heres the punch line we are paying you as a single veteran it took another 6 months to give me extra 114 for wife ibeen married for three years to so they suck
  4. it is always somebody being a hero for the wrong reasons some cp examiner thinks they have to protect usa treasury
  5. hey man im in the same boat as u i appied iu with my orginal claim and it has just been closed but the letter generator says nothing about my iu but looking at tdiu claims forum alout people lettere generator didnt say it either but they got in the big brown enevelope
  6. that is fantastic news my friend congradualations and you can also use the gym facilitys on base as well as the pools in the summer.
  7. well when you are shceduled for you c.p exam and psyce eval. You need to tell them everthing that is bothering you about ptsd do not hold back any information due to it efect your va decision.
  8. My claim for my dependent and tdiu are closed as of yesterday. I looked at letter generator and now its says still 70 pecent but with dependents. So it is 1380 but im guessing i dindt get tdiu cause would it say 2800 but under the claim says decision has been sent and development letter has been sent. I wonder what is a development letter is maybe i did get it.
  9. lets say you did not complete 20 years and you medically retired. Once you receive you decision from va they woeld subtract the amount you recieved from retirement from that retro pay. So since you did 20 years that doesnt happen to you so good luck my friend
  10. The great thing about you completeing over 20 years you get your military retirement and VA disability. By now you should be out so you can file va let you know now the claims take a long time. The thing is since you did 20 years you get a huge amount of retro pay as well.
  11. well how do you get tdiu you know. i been reading the sucess stories one of them said they didnt even ask for tdiu and they got it. and if i guess ask are the screw my original rating thats what im worried about. i stayed up all night cause it said development phase but had the letter called them 10 and they said you blah blah claim development phase but then i told them i got the letter he looked and said your right you did but he couldn't look up the retro pay said it wasn't released i wish said 100 percent i don't care about id cards cause i already have tricare and id cards when the military retired me.
  12. yeah my claim was in notification this morning then i checked it was in developmental phase which i knew was an erro cause the told me they got everthing funny thing is the leter generator showed 70 percent service connection net amount 1228 effective date april1 2010
  13. just looked at my claim status 6pm today it said notification i was happy right. at 151am checked to make sure it said development phase very wierd checked lettter generator at ebenefits got a verification of benefits wierd right. it said i was service connected for 70 percent net amount 1228.00 and i thought i was supposed to get an additional 200 for my wife cause shes a dependent wierd i thought i was going to get 100 but 70 okay but why did i get aletter saying i was service connected but claim status shows developmental shoudnt say closed
  14. yeah it happened to me to filed my claim march 23 2010 and it was in developmental phase unitl beginning of September 1 this month it went to decision phase 2 days later it went to notification phase. it was in that phase until last Thursday but then for some odd reason it went back to decision called them they said they had to mak corrections but to day it went back to notification phase another words they waited to the last minute to get it done. the VA are big procrastinators.
  15. allright devildog you it takes a while to go to the rating board. From what i see on your CP exam the axis are all about 5 out 5. Yous should get around 90 to 100 percent but you never know until you receive your decision in the mail. im currently in the notification pahse after 16 month of witing and the call center still want tell me what i got. it like its a big secret to them. the va finds every reason to not give you what you deserve. but your case is pretty strong. good luck
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