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  1. I was awarded 100% service connected p&t and never used a VSO for anything, maybe I am just one of the lucky few?
  2. Thanks Chuck and thanks Rick. God I am so happy. I have fought the va for the CoE longer than I fought them over the Service Connection.
  3. Alright interesting quesiton since some of you may know the answer. 150k for the house I am looking to buy Interest rate is at 3.75 with a buy down option to go to 3.25% UH however I am sure that is if I had perfect credit score I do not, my credit score is around 660. So I have no clue what interest rate or buy down I will be quoted just got that off the banks site If I have an interest rate though at 3.75 In Georgia with 100% service connection you dont have to pay a homestead tax does that apply for a single family unit on .5 acres? What would be my monthly payment plan?? Im so nervo
  4. Thanks, I just hope everyone doesnt have to go through this much frustration.... I kept trying to tell the people I was service connected and was discharged due to a service connected issue.
  5. Other Document Received 03/2014 VeteransRating Decision Document Received veteran rating decision 05/2015 Issue COE Letter Email 05/2015 I finally was approved thank the heavens have mercy on my lender's soul.
  6. You can only have one mental health rating but many mental health symptoms. With the VA it depends on which one affects you the most.. If I was in your situation I would file for an increase and go from there. I too am a sufferer of schizophrenia so I understand your problems you need to get on top of this as soon as you can to have at least a little of the stress taken care of.
  7. Now that is rated 100% you may want to look into the caregiver program if you have not yet done so. There is some pre requirements in order to be approved but still worth looking into.
  8. Yea, I tried a different vso in the same office and they didnt want to hear my case. It's the only one in my local area they asked me to provide proof that I was 100% service connected and when I did they questioned the proof's validness I showed them the copies of paperwork the va sent me in the brown envelope as well as my commissary letter. Here recently I went back to see if I could be helped because I had my brown id card thanks to the members on this board helping me figure out how to obtain it. They still didnt want to listen to me about my service connection and rating through the va.
  9. I am service connected through the va at 100% for schizophrenia. I have been now since 2011 and still having problems with the va's coe. I dont have an updated DD214 because I haven't found a way to apply for it?? HELP me here please... All the documents on my ebenefits show my 100% rating, I have my brown id card for commissary and mwr purposes. I am struggling to figure this out because the only local vso I went to said I didnt have enough service time?? http://www.benefits.va.gov/COMPENSATION/types-disability.asp Eligibility Service in the Uniformed Services on active duty, OR Active
  10. Alright will do have an appointment here soon.
  11. All i can find is chronic means learned/learning to live the best one can while knowing and experiencing schizophrenia vs acute schizophrenia which is new diagnosed symptoms.. uh
  12. I am 100 sc paranoid schizophrenia according to the va rater, my cp examiner, and my doctor noted prior to being awarded va compensation.. Was looking in myhealthevet and according to my notes from last visit my doctor wrote chronic schizophrenia with depression eppisodes.. uhh anyone ever read their doctor notes and wander what the heck the doctor means?? i am trying to find what the difference in chronic schizophrenia and schizophrenia is..
  13. Here at moody i can bowl on wensdays for 50 cents and ive saved about 260/300 or so already at the commissary..
  14. P & t benefits add up well they do if you live close enough to a military base.
  15. im one of the lucky cases my cp took 30 mins and was awarded 100 pt
  16. Mhm maybe since you were awarded 80 the va had to put that in your file is why you went back a step?
  17. Before I was awarded va comp i was on ssi (not ssdi) and i used the ticket to work program. I was able to work for about 1.5 months before my mental problems started causing me a lot of trouble at work. I filed for va because i knew i would never return to work. That doesnt mean the ticket to work program does not work. I have several friends who have went back to work through the program. I however have schizophrenia full blown where they suffer from either bipolar, depression, and or mild schizophrenia. I was on other sites mentioning the ticket to work program and people were telling me
  18. I still get odd responses at the commissary not sure why... I have my id card and have to use it at checkin main gate and check out line at commissary..I guess my age is the reason o.o
  19. Why is it that a lot of people dont know about the ticket to work program and or the difference between being able to work part time and draw ssi?
  20. After I left service I was granted ssi due to not having enough work credits I didn't know I was able to file for va until about 10 months of out of service i was awarded ssi in 4 months va took about 2 years I left service December 2011 granted va Nov 2013. I would recommend ssi or and ssdi due to Medicaid and Medicare they give a bit of money also to help between time of service leaving and va granting. Also helps with creating paper trail due to the insurance helping pay for medical expenses. Sorry long post hope it is readable.
  21. Now can you get tan I'd card without the pt.. I have mine thanks for the help from these people and my pt status. Though not sure if you would qualify
  22. That makes good sense if you and your company supports veterans than ill give you a tip if not ill do without your services...
  23. So I have me and my wifes tan id cards that allow us commisary and exchange access turns out I cn use the cards at places like days inn for discounts and lowes..I didn't know that was all I needed as far as proofing... Hmm I get my veteran edical id card when I get seen at the outpatient center here in valdosta
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