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  1. If you had the C&P at a VAMC you should be able to see it on my healthevet via the blue button. If it was a QTC exam then you might be able to get it from your VSO who has access to the Virtual VA and they can print a copy, at least that's what I was able to do. Good Luck!
  2. I have been getting the same errors all morning too! Yesterday when I logged on I was still on gathering evidence, after trying several times to see my claim status today I just tried calling the 1800 number. The rep told me my claim was moved to the decision phase and is waiting for the rater to make a decision. After the call was ended I tried ebennies again. Like before I can log in but I can't see any claim info.
  3. Because of this site I have been able to educate myself in the crazy dynamic that is the VA Medical System. With that being said I had a QTC appointment on February 19, 2015, I called the 1800 for a status update on the 26of February and they told me my QTC was received (for PTSD) on the 24th by the RO. Today I went to see my VSO and told him I needed a copy of the results from the QTC. It was like magic was happening before my eyes. He printed it out from the Virtual VA and told me if I needed anything else just let him know. I thought I was going to bust out into tears when I read TOTAL occupational and social impairment! I have to thank everyone on HADIT The things that I have learned and continue to learn have been priceless. This isn't just for me it's for my family as well. FINALLY!!! I will keep you guys posted!
  4. Hello Berta! I am new to hadit and today was my first post. I have read so many post on here where you have replied with such great feed back and wisdom and I was hoping that you could do the same for me on my post that I made in TDIU forum. If you can look over my statement and let me know what I need to add or take out that would such a blessing. I know you are very experienced and I am still testing the waters. Thank You for time.

  5. statement2.pdfThis is my statement in support of my claim for individual unemployability due to PTSD. If I could get some feed back from the awesome people here on hadit I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You so much.Statement1.pdf
  6. superior007

    100% Rating - How I Did It!

  7. I just recently experienced the same situation when I went for my increase for PTSD. The examiner remembered me right away and she was really nice just like the first time I seen her a little over a year ago for my initial claim. In my case it was great to have the same examiner especially since my first experience with her was great.
  8. superior007

    C&p Mental Health Exam

    You should look into some treatment options for therapy at your VAMC.

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