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  1. I have severe allergies to dust mites which clogs up my nose which sucks cause i also have sleep apnea... can they take my cpap away when the re-evaluate my claim? its sleep apnea secondary to ptsd so i think its a "temporary" rating but my 5 year mark is almost up, so just wondering.
  2. So, i submitted a claim for "PTSD secondary to sleep apnea". I had no evidence of sleep apnea in the service, except for a few buddy statements. I submitted a package from Dr. David Anaise for the nexus....Had my C&P Exam... the dr (who i would love to share the name of cause shes seriously did not know what the hell she was talking about) kept telling me that "Sleep apnea cannot be secondary to ptsd because it does not cause it", i told her "it aggravates it"... i asked "Why would it be an option for me to choose "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd if it doesnt exist? why would the va even give that option to us".. she said "I dont know". I had all the studies printed out to give to her (as well as submitted in the claim by dr. anaise and myself).. she didnt even read it.. Just kept telling me that ptsd does not cause sleep apnea. I was going back and forth telling her "You dont think that my ptsd aggravates my sleep apnea?" "She says i dont know if it does or not"...... She then said she will grant me "Sleep Apnea" but not secondary to ptsd.. i was like i am not putting in for just "sleep apnea" i am putting it into connection with ptsd. She had no idea wtf she was talking about and had no general understand. I uploaded a statement after the C&P Exam stating all my points. I even showed her a BVA decsion showing that veterans have been service connected for it in the past even (i know) that all claims are individual... she wouldnt have any of it. Just kept denying me and saying not worry as i will get service connected anyway.... Well few monthes go by and i got service connected for it. Amazing... that was like 6 monthes ago.... Fast foward to today and i go through my blue button on myhealthyvet and i saw that that doctor DENIED me and said "b. The condition claimed is less likely than not (less than 50% probability) proximately due to or the result of the Veteran's service connected condition. c. Rationale: Obstructive sleep apnea is caused by narrowing of the upper airway leading to obstruction while sleeping. This needs to occur on average a minimum of 5 times per hour to have a diangosis of ostructive sleep apnea. There is currently not enough medical evidence to show that PTSD causes obstructive sleep apnea." also she stated:"I reviewed his medical chart, VBMS records, letters from an outside physician and studies he presented. total time spent 1 hour. After extensive discussion, Veteran did not agree with my medical opinion"Has anyone ever heard of being granted service connection for something that the C&P doc denied you for? i did not appeal or do anything, i was simply granted.... I would really like this doctor to see that she got rejected as bask in all my glory. She was something else... Good luck to all and if you have questions please feel free to ask me.... attached is a letter i submitted after my claim disagree with the c and p doc... stating shes an idiot in kinder words
  3. depression is lumped under ptsd, cant get rated for both. now this doctor DID say i was going to get service connected for "sleep apnea" but not "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd" and i was like, "i did not file for "sleep apnea" i filed for "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd" then she goes on again how im going to get it, but not for what i put in for ... i told her she was not the rater and i wouldnt just get sleep apnea not linked to ptsd (or would i?) she said she had a box that said "does the ptsd cause the sleep apnea" and she put "no" crazy doc does NOT understand what "secondary to" means... should i make a note of that and submit it, that she clearly was somewhat clueless on this!? note: im sced for ptsd 70%
  4. 1- gave her every single thing 2- i dont know what she was but on my sheet it showed her in general medicine section 3- her main contention was that "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd" means that PTSD causes sleep apnea! she said it does NOT mean that it aggravates it. i was like wtf? why would that be an item on a drop down that you can claim if that was the case? im so livid right now....
  5. Had my c&p exam today i had everything - imo from dr. anaise for the nexus -several buddy statements as lay evidence to vouch for sleep apnea starting in service -sleep apnea diagnosis and all the paper work - all relevant medical literature/studies/bva decisions identical to mine first thing doctor says is: " i will not grant you sleep apnea secondary to ptsd because that means that your ptsd caused your sleep apnea and that is false"- her i said "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd means it causes or aggravates sleep apnea"- me "no it doesnt" - her "why does ebenefits allow me to file a claim for "sleep apnea secondary to ptsd then if that "term" only means that it causes it? why are veterans allowed to file it? why does this bva decision show that secondary means "causes/aggravates"? "i dont know"- her " if you wanted to file it under ptsd aggravates sleep apnea, then you should have done that, because secondary means "causes" and your ptsd did not cause your sleep apnea. then she began to ask for proof on how ptsd aggravates my sleep apnea and where is the proof, i about lost it. i am at a loss of words and i guarantee her opinion will not be favorable, but hopefully the rater sees all the evidence i put in... i did my homework and gathered every single thing that has worked for other people.
  6. Are there any imo's of any secondary to ptsd without any medical evidence to use except lay evidence from buddy statements and those studies? that's what I need... Please If anyone can post there's or post here it is much appreciated !!!
  7. I need an example to show a sleep doctor of what an IMO looks like for sleep apnea for a service member that has no medical documents in SMR to prove a nexus but has 2 buddy statements and already rated 70% PTSD. I am putting this claim secondary to sleep apnea.. please someone help. also a few more questions, whats the difference between the IME and the IMO and when i do the C&P exam whats the difference between the IME and that? I asked the VA who conducted the sleep lab for an IMO and i guess they cant/wont do it, so i have to get a private doc please help, also if there is any doctors in long island new york area that can help that wont break my bank account id apprechiate it
  8. how should the buddy statements be structured? can you private message me an example?
  9. I have seen in maybe this forum or other forums, people successfully getting service connected for sleep apnea with no record of it in the military. I was just diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, and i am pretty sure its from the service. I was also just rated ptsd and i also understand that can be secondary to ptsd. Now what i have seen people who have successfully gotten rated for it without records, they supplied buddy statements (at least 3?) about there experience with your sleeping while in the military. They also posted a study that connected ptsd with causing as like the ones below. ( i guess to submit with the package) Also a statement from the va doctor or a private doctor stating those magical words "as likely as not" http://journal.publications.chestnet.org/article.aspx?articleid=1087589 http://www.ngwrc.org/updates.htm http://www.journalsleep.org/Articles/281111.pdf I think i get all this information and submit a fully developed claim (right?) am i missing anything? is there anything wrong? anyone want to shed some light on this? Please please please, help.
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