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  1. Man this stuff is tricky. The y try every trick in th ebook to get you denied
  2. Wow thanks for all the fast replies. Honestly, all the advice has got my head spinning. I don't understand much of it. Like i dont know what a dbq or Nexus is. Should that be included in my IME? I know it's asking a lot but i need to get an idea of what is supposed to be there in ther IME. A list of things. Lke does it have to say whether she thinks i can work or not, or should it state my symptoms and how it might effect my ability to work, or does it just have to list my symptoms? Sorry i'm a little slow. I know a little but not so technical. I'll try to answer some of the questions that came up on this post. -The V.A has the choice program and thats how i got to this doctor. She is on a V.A apporved list. I got to seek her out because i had an appointment with my Psych Doc and had to reschedule. Her next available appointment wasn't until October. Under the choice program if they V.A can't make you an appointment in a certain amount of time, or you live farther than 60 miles from a V.A facility you can use the choice program to go to a V.A approved civilian doctor. - I'm 70% S/C for PTSD and a bunch of other 10%'s that equal 80% all together. I have already been diagnosed officially by the V.A obviously. - I requested to be checked for TDIU because my VSO said i should, but shortly after i called V.A and asked for it to be withdrawn because i wanted to get more evidence first. Even so, i was sent a decision upping my S/C to 80% but denying TDIU. My Decision letter says something to the effect: 1. Needs more evidence on the ability to work ( I haven't worked in over 3 yrs. I did an internship in an office that only lasted 2 days before i had to quit because i couldn't handle working in an open office setting with about 10 other poeple. 2. It says "has trouble" geting along with others and functioning etc. etc.. buuuuuuuuuutttttt generally can operate in a normal fashion. WTF it says i can't do anyting from time to time but most the time can operate normally. Not exact words but i think you can get an idea from this. From this i assumed i needed more evidence and thats why i'm trying to get an IME so i can submit it as new evidence. I contacted Dr. Bavette about doing a IME for me and evaluating for TDIU and P & T etc... but his fee is $2000 dollars and i just don't have that. I asked about a payment plan or taking a % of my backpay but he siad he doesn't do that anymore. This is why i asked help here because the Doctor the V.A sent to me seems like my only chance at getting a doctors opinion. I can send in a self diagnoses but we all know that isn't worth a thing. sorry for the long post and scatter brain i'm just trying to get the best information i can so i can try and make the best decision for myself. Thank you in advance. note: I just applied for Voc Rehab awhile back and theyre still deciding whether i'm a candidate or not.
  3. I guess i need an IME. It's a civilian psych doctor who i do regular sessions with so she knows my symptoms etc... She also has access to my V.A records i believe since it's the V.A who sent me to her. I just need to know what needs to be in there. I just can't afford to pay for an IME right now and she says she will write something for me for free. Like i said she specializes in PTSD and used to work at the V.A so she has that knowledge but she's never written a IME
  4. sorry i didn't see this was a forum topic. I should have looked closer
  5. Hello everyone, First i'd like to thank everyone on here who has been a great help to me in the past. I appreciate everything everyone here has done for me. My situation is that i was told i need an IME/IMO to strengthen my case for 100% TDIU and for my SSDI benefits. Currently i am at 80% and My VSO and everyone who has seen my file thinks i should be getting TDIU and SSDI. I recently had a psych appointment rescheduled and its wasn't until October so the V.A allowed me to use the Choice program and go to a civilian doctor. I asked the Civilian Doc if she could write me a IME/IMO and she said she had never written one but would be willing to write something. I told her kind of what i thought it was and what needs to be on there but i don't know much about them. She used to work at the V.A and specializes in PTSD cases so i think she knows her stuff as far as PTSD goes. Anyway i was wondering if someone could tell me exactly what all needs to be on there. I just told her it's an evaluation and needs to include all my symptoms. Can anyone give me some guidance, and or, provide me with a sample/template/ or copy of their IME/IMO. It would be much appreciated. I've looked around for other Docs and their trying to charge me a couple grand and i have no money. If i could get a solid definition to what needs to be written i could get this doc to help me. Any information i can get will help. Thank you in advance i appreciate it.
  6. I'm in this same sitaution. I have a combined rating of 80% with a 70% rating for PTSD. I haven't wortked in about 3 years and can't keep a job held down because of my symptoms. I 've tried numerous times and it lasts a couple months at the most. My VSO is telling me i need to file for TDIU but theyre saying i need a letter from my Dr. Saying i can't work. I've been treated at 4 different V.A facilities, but my current V.A doc i have only met with once and she prescribed me a bunch of meds and i've never talked to her again. I'm kind of worried about asking her for a letter because she barely even knows me. Question is does anybody in SoCal know of a good psych doc i can go to to get an IME or IMO or whatever it's called.
  7. I cosign this post. I too was advised to contact Allison Hickey i emailed her on wednesday last week. By friday i was on a conference call with the Director of the V.A Regional office and his assistants. Within hours my appeal went from step 1 pending to step 6 completed. I was shocked for 3 years my records were being shuffled aroind and lost at 4 different R.O's and my C and P exam was lost for a year. One email to this lady solved everything. By the way does anybody know where she works and what her job title is. I'm interested in kowing who this Allison Hickey woman is and what gives her so much pull. She is awesome and does an awesome job in helping veterans.
  8. Hello, I just got rated at 70% for PTSD. I was told awhile ago by a lawyer and a VSO that i should also claim TDIU. What are my chances of getting it and what do i need to justify it. I haven't worked in almost 3 years. Since i got out of the military i've been in 2 inpatient substance abuse programs and 2 outpatient programs at the V.A before i was diagnosed. After diagnosis i have been to 2 other SA programs and 3 PTSD programs. During that time i've been convicted of 2 felony DUI's and a Drug charge (yeah i was pretty xxxxxx up for awhile) really surprised that i even survived it. Now i'm on a bunch of medications that make it hard to get out of bed or function daily. In my eyes my criminal charges are in direct relation to my PTSD i.e self-medicating. Even if i could get out of bed regularly, nobody wants to hire a multiple felon with mental health issues. Anyway what are my chances of getting TDIU? what do they consider sufficient evidence for it? Is it worth trying for? I keep on hearign about this P & T too is that a possibility? Like i said i was advised to do it but want to know what i'm gettinginto and whether it's even worth my time. I about went crazy waiting on my claim for 3 years i don't know if i could handle doing that gain. please advice and thank you
  9. So after speaking with The director of the L.A RO today on the phone the status of my claim went from "appeal pending" to this: Current Progress: Decision & Claims File Dispatch Current Progress Description: Your case has been received at BVA, and BVA has mailed your decision to you (and your representative, if any) and will be returning your claims file to the VA Medical Center. Please note that transit times vary, and there may be some lag time between when BVA forwards your claims file to its appropriate location and when that location receives it. I'm really worried about it right now. This means that a decision has been made right. Does anyone want to speculate on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I know when i was speaking to the director i told them that theyre missing a lot of my medical records and he told me that they would make an effort to collect any records they have, but they could make a decision in absence of records. It looks like they pushed my appeal from pending all the way through the process in a matter of hours. I'm worried this might not be a good thing. i just don't know.
  10. Thank you Tbird but i just got into the VASH Veterans Affairs SUpportive Housing program about a month ago. So i should be good on housing now, after 3 years. Update: After contacting Allison Hickey by email she replied within 2 days. It took another 2 days and i was receiving a personal phone call from Robert Mckenrick the Director of the Los Angeles RO. I had a Convo with him and his staff and they said i would have a decision within a few days. I'm still worried though because i think many of my medical records and evidence are still missing, but it's a great start. I appreciate all the help i've gotten on here. I've had more progress in the last 2 weeks since i joined this website than i have had in the Last 2 1/2 years dealing with my claim. I was on the verge of giving up and just going to the streets before finding this website.
  11. Thank you silverdollar22. I contacted Allison and she emailed me back yesterday and today the Director of the Los Angeles Regional Office contacted me by email and asked me to call him. All becuase of your advice to email Allison. Nothings happened yet but atleast i got their attention. Thank you very much for the advice
  12. Currently the only income i have is from educational benefits. In other words i don't have any income that i have to claim. I didn't even file any taxes the last 2 years because i haven't had any earned income. I worked work study at v.a for about a month and that didn't work out to well either. So nothing in almost 3 years.
  13. Thanks for all the great information. I'm going to file online like every one said. I thought it was better to file in person but it seems like everyone is in argreeance that online is better. I'm going to do that as soon as possible.
  14. I don't even know how to contact the VARO doing my claim. I can't get find any numbers to them and they never reply to any written requests i send them. My file is in L.A. I wish i had a way to get there, or not i probably would end up getting in trouble confronting the people that have neglected my claim. I've sent so many documents to them and never get a response. I did email 'Bob" yesterday so hopefully i get a response.
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