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  1. I've had multiple claims (including a dependency claim) going through at one time, and I found that they would usually wait for the claims to finish at the same time. That was my experience with that. I'm currently waiting on a claim that has been jumping back and forth for a little while. It's likely to make a big jump if they have done something with it. Any movement is good news with the VA! :) good luck!
  2. MarkInTexas, I just had the SAME thing happen to me! I had two claims open and one of them completely disappeared and the other one is at preparation for notification. The disappearing claim is not in my historical claims or anything! I'm so confused. Guess I just have to wait, or should I call the 800 number?
  3. So my claim has moved back and forth for a couple weeks now! I checked last night and 1 of my claims completely disappeared now, and the other is at preparation for notification.
  4. Ugh, so sorry Navy04!! This process is so stressful. I try to not even check ebennies, but I just want them to be done with the claim. It's all worth it in the end though! I just keep in touch with my VSO and let the VA do their thing. Good luck on your C&Ps!
  5. I have had direct deposit with everything since I got discharged in 2011. I'm still waiting to get the envelope, but now that the status changed I get SO NERVOUS. Don't they know that PTSD is a STRESS disorder?? Thanks for your advice. I will try my best to sit tight and NOT check ebenefits.
  6. 2 weeks ago I called my VA rep because my claim finally moved from gathering of evidence to pending decision approval. She told me to sit down, and told me that I got it: 100% P&T and that they were back paying me to a year ago!!!! I was shocked beyond believe. Also, last Tuesday a VA worker from the regional office called me to verify my address to send the decision. Between now and then the status has jumped to preparation for notification to pending decision approval. Then, 10 min ago it went back down to preparation for decision!!! What?!? I called my VA rep and she said that it still says 100% P&T, but that maybe they had to change the wording on the cover letter?! I can't stand how it jumps around so much, especially after being told I got the 100%! My nerves are shot, and my anxiety is through the roof! Anyone else experience this?
  7. Bless your heart!! I would recommend doing what your VSO says. They usually have the experience! I have a claim going through now which is on the preparation for notification stage for PTSD from MST. If you reported it, went to the hospital for it, treatment centers, etc. Then it will all be in your records. I wouldn't worry about that. As far as the bills and not working is concerned, have you applied for Unemployability? As you know, these claims take a while to get through, and if you're like me (which you sound like you are) then you could make yourself crazy thinking about what if. Let it happen, and let your VSO do their job. Good Luck!!
  8. georgiapapa, I have downloaded only the first letter (summary of benefits). I just checked and I don't have an AB3 or AB8 letter?
  9. I'm so sorry that you are going through this! I was medically discharged for PTSD/major depressive disorder in 2011 after 3 deployments and being assaulted during my 3rd deployment. I filed a claim almost a year ago for an increase or IU. I went to my C&P exam, which I thought went well until I received a package in the mail saying they wanted to DECREASE me to 30%. I had a VA rep this whole time, and when she got the letter she suggested that I have my current doctor write a letter because the psychologist who did the C&P did not know me or misconstrued a LOT of what I said to him. Its like he already had his mind made up, and his paperwork and notes were all out of whack. Anyway, I had my doctor write the letter and it did wonders for my claim! Hang in there. You are definitely on the right track! When you do win your claim they will have to go back to your original claim date for when they got all the information wrong. make sure you have more than enough evidence in hand, and I suggest getting a female VA rep to help you.
  10. Spartan3, Thanks so much for your post! I was googling through posts because I am in the same exact boat. Your post really cleared things up for me. I am 70% now but my VA rep told me last week that I got the 100% P&T, I was SOOOOOO happy because she said they should retro it back to last year! Now my claim in ebennies has went from notification to decision approval a couple times, but a lady from the regional office called me last on tuesday to verify my address to send the decision. I can feel that it's so close, yet I am having such anxiety watching ebenefits! Again thanks for you post, and congratulations! (I know this was a while ago, but I bet it feels good to not have to worry anymore!)
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