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  1. Secondaries as in over using my left hand due to my right hand injury?
  2. I was currently 10% for tinittis In march 2015 I applied for an injury to my hand but I was denied in May for the Va saying I wasn't on active duty because I had no Line Of duty determination, I found some records to prove I was and resubmitted with new evidence in June but agin was denied in August because my Private Doctor who completed my DBQ put the wrong diagnosis, So I reapplied on Sept. with a new DBQ with the correct Diagnosis,but the Va sent me to a VAMC for another C&P in which the Va doctor was favorable "At least as likely as not" along with the private Dr. "more likely than n
  3. After 2 denials and a year in the making my claim has finally complete,new total of 30% up from the previous 10, Thanks all of you for the knowlege and wisdom.
  4. were you having to do the C&P for the same condition you were claiming or was it for a C&P that you didn't have and the RO needed one, I had my C&P done by a va doc.back in OCT.single claim
  5. Andyman, Sorry to see this happening to you, I am surprised that it was denied with a "at least as likely as not" opinion I never recieved my decision letter last year from the N.O, Ro and I had to call peggy and asked to be sent a copy I did get the copy but never the orginal.
  6. As of Monday morning my claim has moved to pending decision approval anyone know how long this stage usually takes? I was in Prep. for decision for 17 days prior to PDA.
  7. Update,As of Friday my claim has moved to preparation for decision on Ebenefits,
  8. Hello fellow Veterans, Does anyone know how long it is taking the regional office rater to rate a claim after they receive it from the Vamc, it was received by them on Jan.15 and is for a single issue, Ebenefits is still showing in the GOE stage and called the 800# yesterday Peggy said it is still in the development stage.
  9. Update, The Va doctor has finally released my C&P exam this past Friday I was examened by him back in October and took 104 days to be released , I was able to print it off of myhealthevet and his medical opinion says it is at least as likely as not, followed by his rationale, I hope this is good news. anyone know how long after C&P a decision is made and does the Rater usually follow the opinion of the va C&P doctor?
  10. Mine is the same no status when you click on the date hopefully they will get this ironed out.
  11. Well Claim that was under rating review has now closed as of 12/17/15 says decision letter sent,don't know what that was all about,Va Doctor still hasn't signed off on my C&P exam 76 days now.
  12. My C&P exam was completed on October 7th 69 days ago and Va doctor still hasn't released it and nothing on myhealth blue butten,yet.
  13. Congrats to you, long time to wait but it is well worth it.
  14. as I was rated at 0 % hearing loss for the right ear only. Hopeing for the best.
  15. Just noticed on Ebenefits that there is a new claim showing that I did not submit, it says rateing review, i do have a claim still showing in gathering of evidence, I am currently 10% for Tinnitis and 0% for hearing as of February of this year.anyone ever see this rateing review ?
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