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  1. Yes I got my 70% off of my NOD but denied IU.
  2. Hi allan1351, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Your donation includes 1 month of ad free viewing. If you prefer the ad free view, you can subscribe for a monthly or yearly subscription. Thanks Tbird/VA Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  3. if my teeth rotted out due to my ptsd and being homeless can I file a secondary claim for teeth loss...thank you kindly..Allan
  4. Hey Dot Thank you kindly for your reply..I filed my NOD and will stick with that....I have great evidence and will hope for the best before getting on the wheel..Again, I appreciate your input....have a great,happy day.....Allan
  5. Hey Rocket No, I did not get either one.....filed my nod and now in waiting game...
  6. Hey All I feel compelled to respond to Berta about Dr Brett Valette....I paid the money and got his IMO...The VA Dr ate it alive.I would caution anyone spending that amount of money..But again I am only a lowly grunt....peace and good luck..Allan
  7. Manni For some reason the VA does not want to give IU...I also had a doc the same way...just beat me up...In Tampa..By all means wait for the decision letter to do anything.....Then others will answer your questions...Just start preparing your statement. I would have my dbq, voc rehab letter ready.....I think you'll be fine....Allan
  8. Thanks......Navy and broncovet...........Yep...you guys are suppose to watch over us Marines....lol....Allan I will now take on my mission and complete.....
  9. Hey Guys I want to refile this NOD on Tuesday and take it to the regional office....How would you guys think I should proceed? should I make it short and sweet or go for the brew? Please let me know asap before I proceed. I am going to ask for increase to 70% from 50%....for PTSD only......Thanks again as always......Allan
  10. Once Again.. What do I do at this point?keeping in mind my Appeal date is May 14,2016....should I go ahead and file a NOD? If so what should I include? I feel like I should file the NOD on the PTSD rating to get to 70%...Then go after the TDIU in the Appeal if they don't grant it. Please let me know....Thanks Allan
  11. Hey All Wow, I feel special.....Thanks all....Let me try and address each question from who...Gastone:On Tuesday I will be in St Pete asking to see the MFIC.and also findout who denied my claim.rater or director..Also I have copies of everything since I have done everything myself....Except this NOD...lol.lol... Berta...My Voc Rehab letter was just listed on the evidence sheet with no comments....Just listed as part of.. In that same decision I at least got another 10% for a knee injury...Very thankful for that...did that myself with help from information I learned here... To "All" of you I am greatful and appreciate your help.......Allan
  12. Hey Everyone Well this is turning into a nightmare.....VSO filed that NOD without decision being final...Now I got the decision and it turns out VA says it was filed premature.....and they denied my rating increase and IU.....Plus I see the voc rehab letter is now part of decision...Am I done everyone??Thanks Allan
  13. Hey All On Jan 5,2016 I went to St Pete Dav regional office to check file...lady pulled my file up and stated they denied your claim for increase and iu on Dec 10,2015..I told her I haven't received any paperwork from VA...I told her about my Voc Rehab letter which I had filed...she checked and said its there.but they did,nt list it on denial letter....Soooooo...she filed a NOD on denial of increase on ptsd...and stated Voc Rehab letter for increase to 70%....Here's the kicker!!!! I just got aletter from VA stating: Notice of Disagreement that you recently submitted is premature,because the action with which you have disagreed has not yet taken place. Also: Today I got my decision packet...Va gave me 10% for a knee condition but denied my increase and iu..In this decision I see the Voc Rehab letter listed as evidence reviewed.....I can now see exactly what happened here and wonder if I have any recourse? When Dav went into my case the rating decision was not finalized and enacted...and she based it on that....and filed the NOD for increase on ptsd to 70%...Now where do I go??? Thanks for all the help "All".....Allan
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