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  1. I have a question my wife is receiving SSDI she went back to work last month we already went to the SS office and informed them and took one copy of her pay stub they informed us that she can do a nine month trial in which her benefits would not be stopped and after they would do an evaluation something like that. I have been saving the check they gave her because i have read and heard so many nightmares of the administration coming back after a person for the money back so its this what really happenes seeking some advice here like i said as soon as she started work we informed them and gave them all the info they needed the last thing we are looking for is any trouble
  2. some help here, i wear an afo for my right foot for which i get one clothing allowance i was issued another afo for my left foot does it entitle me to get another clothing allowance, i dont know if i sholud apply for it or no and when is the last day to put in for it. Thanks
  3. I have not been on the site in a while but i do always check, i dont think that some memebers dont want to help is that when you try to help some veteran he sometimes gets upset because he didnt hear what he wanted to hear.I feel that its not worth it trying to help someone, its just my opinion i have always gotten good advice from memebers on this website that has helped me and I appreciate it to.I to will try to help the same way i was helped.
  4. I heard that if you get a ph is an automatic 10% disability compensation is this true or not.
  5. just turned in my final evidence for my claim for ed caused by medications for ptsd. was diagnosed by my va and civilian doctor both stated that it was caused by my medications. if a vet is awarded sc for ed does the smc k automatically is applied or do you have to apply for it.
  6. sorry to sound dumb what will be a good way for my wife to start the letter befors indicating the situation
  7. just go see an outside sleep doctor for treatment and i bet you anything he would write you onr. if you lived in central texas i no of a great doctor he is my sleep doctor and he will help you.
  8. philip if your going to try to tie your ptsd to your sleep apnea the va is not going to service connect it, i tried that and failed. but if your taken medications for ptsd that are causing you to gain weight than i recommend getting an imo stating that the weight gain caused buy your medications is aggravating your sleep apnea. i tried to get it service connecte and it took me 3 1/2 years and that was the only way i was able to get it sc. i am not trying to incourge you on not to allpy but just informing you about my experience but every ro is differnt and going buy there own rules. good luck.
  9. how do you write a claim for that. she stated on my records that i have erectile dysfunction as a side effect from my psych meds.should i get the wife to write a statement and how will that be go.
  10. doctor diagnosed me with ed secondary to meds for ptsd. should i file for claim and with her diagnose be enough to get a c&p or will the va not take my doctors diagnosed into consideration.
  11. i dont now how long will i be wearing this boot or what is going on until i see my doctor tomorrow. i was just asking a ? because i have never worn a medical boot.
  12. had MRI done today for right ankle which is sc 10%. Doctor called need to wear medical foot what are the chances for an increase shold i or not file for increase. help
  13. seems to me that your more concern about a rating than your health.what ever will be will be.
  14. can you guys read my reply for yesterday at 1:09 pm quote name='Pete53' timestamp='1283691858' post='217377'] For many years John and I discussed filing for SMC. A couple of years ago I filed and it was granted in less than four months. The only thing I lost was about 300 a month for over 16 years. SMC does trigger a C&P and I guess that your flank is semi exposed but like I have seen many times before its surprising how easy the VA caves on this one. PR and John I know that you guys could get it based on symptoms you report here on Hadit.
  15. not to sound naive or stupid but i am still confuse i have been t&p since 2004 when i was awarded iu with dependants benefits, champva and dea 35 for my family. i have other sc but in 2006 i was given 100% for ptsd. i have been seen my mental doctor on a regular basis but this last time i told him that a had good and bad days and he noted this on my reocrds and that the med are doing ok, that is the reason i am afraid to file. acn you plese explained it a little more detailed, im sorry if i soung stupid. thanks
  16. john999 iam not 55 years old. i was awarded 50% for ptsd in 2002 and fms 40% 2002, and then my ptsd got raised to 70% in 2005 but was awarded iu p&t with family benefits in 2004. in 2006 i was bumped 100% for ptsd with A&A. i aws diagnose with ed in 2008 but never paid attention to it and finally my mental doctor and pcp at the va said that my ed was caused by side effects from my ptsd meds. i want to apply to get it sc but i am afraid especially by reading some many stories on this web site on how the va has reduce them. my notes state that my ptsd and depression are severe and disabling.
  17. i have read on this site that if you have been disable 5 years or more that it is hard for the va to reduce your %. what does this really mean, is it if you have been rated for a disablity at 100% for five years or is it 100% including all your disabilties combine.
  18. my doctor just diagnosed me with ed as a side effect from my ptsd meds. my mental health doctors stated that my meds could be causing my ed. i dont now if i should file a claim for it plus if i do i would not now how to write it. what are the benefits iy getting this issue sc.
  19. i am having trouble accessing the new site
  20. that is what i was talking about. sixthscents mentioned it on a previous topic on hadit. if you find out more about this topic please let me know. thank you and the rest of the members that gave thier opinion on this topic
  21. if you scroll down other topics you will find a topic (from bizarre denial to downout data) you will find a respond from sixthscents were they are paying his spouse for caring for him, i guess i must of mistaken it with stipend.
  22. is it true that if you are totally disabled and your spouse quit her job to be your caregiver she can get a stipend from the va?
  23. are you saying that even thought you get A&A, they pay your wife seperate check for being your caregiver. how can a spouse get that i recieave A&A and my wife had to quit her job to care for me,can you explain what are the rules and procedure to get this.
  24. i know what you mean i did all the work for the dav on my time but at the end it paid off. I normally write my own claims and turn them in my self making sure i get that stamp and then i call the dav and fax them the same copy with the stamp. if you know you have a case that go ahead and fight because nobody will do it for you. i will be rooting for you on this one and i wasn't trying to start a fight i just feel that sometimes you give your opinion and some people get mad and i can relate to that. good luck brother
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