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  1. I filed for an increase on my 70% PTSD rating in early March as I'm no longer able to work. My personal psychiatrist completed a DBQ, wrote a letter, and included a GAF report. I included three years of her medical records with the increase application. Last week I had a C&P with VES. It was a sub-15 minute affair via telehealth and the doctor hadn't even reviewed my records yet. I would certainly hope the VA reviewer who will set the rate would give more credence to the DBQ from the psychiatrist than that "quickee" interview. JW
  2. I am 70% for PTSD alone. It's a static rating now and I'm in my mid 50's. The VSO cited some state benefits like property tax and license plates as his reasoning.
  3. I saw a VSO yesterday who recommended I file for an increase without also for IU. He said my records and DBQ meet 100% and that this is preferable to IU. I was under the impression it was best to apply for both and that the rater would place me in 100% over IU if I meet 100. Should i go along with the VSO or ask him to file for IU at the same time anyway? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for all the replies. I am currently working but "not well". I hide in my office a lot, have breakdowns, can't deal with people (tough when you manage 70 people), and have frequent absences either due to FMLA and leaving early or missing days outright. Plus all the appointments I have to go too. To be honest I'm just going thru the motions and it's only a matter of time before I'm "counseled" or "written up" for performance issues. I'm amazed I've been able to keep it up as long as I have. I'm working on preparing to file for TDIU. I'm thinking 2-3 months then I'll have to
  5. It's been about two years since I've posted here. I received a 70% rating for PTSD in 2017. These forums were very helpful to me. Recently I've had another inpatient stay in the psych ward at the VAMC (my third in 15 months) and I'm having more and more difficulty coping with everything. My symptoms are kind of out of control, despite multiple medication changes, and work is becoming more and more difficult every day. I tend to hide in my office, don't talk to people, have breakdowns crying during the day, and generally "exist" and not much else. My work quality has suffered and I'm at t
  6. I did obtain an IMO from Dr. David Anaise for my claim although I'm not sure now it was necessary with the other letter I had from my doctor and the C&P results. I will say though it was well written, eight pages reviewing existing records (with heavy quotations) and an opinion of "more likely than not". While Dr. Anaise is not a psychiatrist I took a chance on him as he's close to where I lived and I've read good results from his clients. I will hang onto the letter and they offered to update it at a later date if needed. The only thing I'd add is more rationale although he did refere
  7. I was wondering what people thought of getting an IMO for depression from an MD like Dr Bash or Dr Anaise. Would the VA give weight to a well written mental health IMO that doesn't come from a Psychiatrist? I have an "basic" nexus letter from my board certified psychiatrist but it's thin on rationale and I'm afraid it won't be good enough. I'm considering spending the money on a professional letter from an expert in what the VA wants. Opinions? Thanks. JW in MN
  8. I've lurked here about four months and finally posted something yesterday. I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the advertisements all over the page and was wondering if there was a way to not have so many? Is there a membership or anything available or a sponsorship opportunity where you don't have as many ads come up on every page? It makes the pages difficult to read. Thank you. JW in MN
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