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  1. Thanks for the link, however, I already know I can have the loans forgiven and am in the process of doing so. I'm just trying to find out the tax implications and according to this link https://www.studentdebtrelief.us/news/discharging-student-loans-no-longer-taxable-income I should be exempt. I'm not a Trump supporter but will give him credit for this one if it pans out.
  2. A question for anyone who knows: I have read that there is no longer a tax burden when your student loan is forgiven (the old tax code counts it as taxable income). It seems, however, that does not apply to vets who had loans forgiven prior to a certain date. Has anyone any information on this? Thanks.
  3. I agree that this issue will keep rearing its head. This administration does not care about Vets, they only want more military spending to keep the war machine fat. I have 90% but was awarded TDIU. If I lose it at 62 I will not survive as my S/S will be so meager, as many other Vets in the same position. I was not going to file any more claims as I will not get more $ anyway, but am now to try to get 100% in case the rug is pulled out. I am surprised there is not more discussion of this very real threat.
  4. john999 makes some good points. TDIU can be tenuous if you show any income. Let sleeping dogs lie, unless you are sure you have other income streams.
  5. I know! My lawyer told me they decided the claim almost 2 months ago, and I will get the notice in time. I just marvel at the [dis-information] we get from ebenefits. But we are supposed to take it as gospel? Why have the site at all if the information is not correct.
  6. Henrici

    Paper or Cell phone

    They want a phone #, but you are not missing much. It is the same info.as on eBenefits just in a little fancier format. In my case the info. is still wrong on both sites; good luck.
  7. Here is the most confusing thing I have seen yet on ebenefits. These notices are all from today, appear simultaneously, and refer to the same claim. Also, the status on VA vets.gov says the claim has moved back to: Evidence gathering, review, and decision. From, preparation for notification. And best of all: No letters of any kind in the mail for this claim. Talk about being kept in the dark! Status of Your Claim COMPLETE Submitted: 01/30/2017 (Appeal) Claim Closed: 07/31/2017 Disabilities Claimed: TDIU (New) Representative for VA Claims: redacted Current Status: Complete Status of Your Claim PENDING DECISION APPROVAL Submitted: 01/30/2017 (Appeal) Estimated Completion: At this time, your Regional Office is unable to provide an estimated completion date for this type of claim. Disabilities Claimed: individual unemployability (New) Representative for VA Claims: redacted Current Status: Pending Decision Approval
  8. Just my experience; I had a C&P at Gainesville in 2015. I faxed the Gainesville VA Hospital ROI the proper form, and the report arrived in 10 days by mail. seminoles has the better option. However, if you can't make the drive: Gainesville VA Hospital ROI Fax# 352-374-6126 And that thing about not releasing the report untill you have no pending claims is BullS#^&, it just depends on which clerk you talk too. P.S. Don't know if it helped, but I called first and told the ROI clerk I was sending the fax, and why. I also told him I would be grateful if the report could be expedited as I needed it for a time sensitive claim.; good luck.
  9. 63charlie, sounds like a plan. You probably know this, however, a BVA hearing is always a good thing. I had mine in 2005 at St. Pete. and was able to look my BVA Judge in the eye, state my case and ask questions. This also allowed the inevitable mistakes that are always in the SSOC to be addressed. I don't know if hearings are still done that way but I believe it helped me win my appeal+the lawyer used excerpts from the hearing as evidence that sort of painted the Judge into a corner using her own words. Good luck on the long haul. Just remember, [and I hope this has not changed either] they had to pay me retro from 1996 when I won the claim in 2009, one year after I finally hired the Lawyer and quite trying to go it alone to save a little bit of money. Anyway, the lawyers don't get the 20% on remands, the Gov. pays for that, and that money somehow is taken off your final award. I did not explain that very well, but the point is; a good part of the Lawyer's fee will be paid by the VA and not out of your pocket when you win.
  10. I can tell you from my experience with the St. Pete RO since 1994. DRO, CUE and all that is usually a waste of time. I never got anywhere with my claims untill they went into appeals and I got a lawyer involved, just pick a good one. A good lawyer will keep your claim out of the AMC, which is a black hole, and will tell you all these hail Mary attempts are just going to add years to your claims.
  11. Good news! St. Pete RO is getting better it seems. My last claim was there and approved in about 120 days. Although, they are really sitting on my TDIU appeal. The Lawyer said part of it was approved 6 weeks ago and I still have not a single letter or notice from them/or $.
  12. Don't know what you mean by "another Vet" ,however , I had that same thing happen on a claim last year, and it was closed out right before the end of the month [after 4 months]. Good luck! I do think there is a motivation to close some claims out fast so they can put it on the books as a claim processed. Just my opinion, and don't infer they just do it with approved claims. Yours seems lighting fast though. One way to think about it: it is always better to get a quick decision ,either way, so you are not stewing in the anxiety of waiting. In the past most of us had to wait for years to get any answer, at least the VA seems to be working quicker these days, but not necessarily better.
  13. Thanks for that link. I hope your are right brother. I think my IU was approved, still waiting on official notice, and I just turned 60. My S/S at 62 will only be about $450. I believe though Vet's on IU and drawing S/S will still be a target for future cuts. I was not going to file any new claims so as not to "rock the boat" but now I think I need to hedge my bet.
  14. I was on Tramadol [not so addicting] for back pain, and taking oxycodone occasionally when it got severe. The VA made me choose between one or the other. I had to choose the opiate because I needed it when the pain was severe and now have addiction problems. The VA is clueless about the drugs vets are prescribed.
  15. Does anyone know the facts about the bill Trump signed Sat? Some news reports say " Costs will be paid for by trimming pensions for some Medicaid-eligible veterans and collecting fees for housing loans." I thought the VA groups called this tactic a "non starter" in finding a way to pay for Choice care and would not support it, however, ABC news reports "Veterans groups applauded the bill being signed" I cannot find the bill online, or don't know how. This sounds to me like TDIU recipients are in danger again of having benefits cut.
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