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  1. Checking in. Been off sight and just looking for a while. Won $86k Neihmer claim for my mother this week. Finally. That was a long hard battle. Good luck to everyone and DON'T QUIT. Mark
  2. 68, I resently got my rating for Peripheral Vestibular Disorder at 30%. The rater based it on an ENT C&P stating that it was related to SC acoustic trama. C&P doc says no Meniere's based on range of frequency for hearing loss. Regular ENT says possible Meniere's. The 30% rating is top for PVD but is an accurate reflection of the disability to me so I left it there. I could probably fight to have it rated as analogous to Meniere's for a higher rating but in my case I don't feel that is warranted. The link between acoustic trama and Meniere's is a little tenuous right now. ENTs argue both ways. Good Luck to you and if I find anything that looks handy I will post it. Mark
  3. I'm here. Still bouncing off the walls. 76 yesterday down to 27 tonight. Go figure. Is that "Springter" or what. Never know what to wear. <_< Mark
  4. :D Belle, Just found the post. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!! It's about time. See cooler heads do prevail. Please stay with us and help us learn from your experience. You are a success story. We need those to help us remember that it is worth the fight. Mark
  5. Wings, Sorry about that. I missed the original post or I would have tried to give it a once over at least. With a law enforcement background I am usually pretty good with legalise. When you repost I will try to give it a check. Mark
  6. Skunk, We'll keep the prayers coming. Hope everything goes well. Are you at UMC? Mark
  7. still Just to chip in my two cents worth, I'm afraid Carlie is right. I know that you don't want to hear it but you probably won't win this battle. No matter what happened on your exit exam the VA has what they need to deny the claim now. You may be better off looking at other issues and not stressing yourself so about this one. I have a bum knee caused by Uncle Sam but I was combat arms in Army and thought you just sucked it up. I have appeal in but probably won't win. It's mentioned on a physical but no treatment records. The point is we all have issues we feel should be redressed that we just don't have the paper trail to prove. Focus on the issues that you can change and don't cause yourself a stroke over the things you can't. Carlie was offering her advise based on her experience and this forum. Her emphasis may have been loud but it was on target. We get try to give factual advise here not just what you want to hear. Mark
  8. CG, Good Luck. We will keep our fingers and toes crossed for you. Let us know when you hear something. Mark
  9. T&B Sounds about like the canned response I got the other day for the same thing (De Novo Review and DRO hearing). I guess the review generates the SOC and if it is not found in your favor you get the hearing. Sounds good anyway but then again I smell smoke behind me. Mark
  10. PE1, You sound like you are right on track with getting your ducks in a row before you get out of service. We all wish we had either gotten the chance or like me had sense enough to do it. If we had we wouldn't have gained all this wonderful experience fighting through VA BS. :P Keep compiling records, keep a copy of CFR 38 next to the commode for light reading, and stay up to date with the folks here. Hopefully that will make your journey through the paper jungle alot shorter. Mark
  11. PE1, Be careful listing too many complaints on the 526. You need to look around at archives here. It may be better to file for the conditions that are easiest to prove first. Two schools of thought there: 1st is put everything down on 526 to preserve eligibility date. This gives you more when finally decided but can delay developement of claim. Some say it may color the RO's view (as though it could get any worse). 2nd is to list only a few "sure things" (ex. amputations, gunshot residuals, surgeries,). Get them rated first as quickly as possible then go back for the others that may have needed more resarch or work to prove. Alot depends on personal situation, health, and finances. Do you have copies of SMR's. Do you have clear diagnosis of condition. Bounce it off the board and someone can give you advise. Mark
  12. Alb, Since you are schedular 100%, you know that they will re-evaluate you before the 20 year mark. I think you are safer goning forward with the other claims. Should they ever re-evaluate you and try to lower the rate, they may be what saves your income later in life when you need it most. Mark
  13. HVEQ, They will only do the 20% from 50 to 70. It is based on overall rate unfortunately. Mark
  14. marksr, Do you have PTSD? If so, is it diagnosed as such. If so file. If not then you really wouldn't have a valid claim. By all means work it if the claim is real. I say this only because I have had many bad experiences (and a few beatings) but do not have PTSD. I wouldn't feel right to file even though I could give a legitimate stressor. I feel like this would be wrong for me. We are all affected differently by our experiences. If it's there then pursue it to the very end and we will help all we can. Mark
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