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  1. I get so confused about the interaction and when the BVA sends remands back and forth... for a while, after I have my BVA hearing with the judge (my memory fading but I think it was 4 years ago..)..., he kept sending remands back to the VARO. I told the judge the VARO never read my documents.. so I sent the BVA some copies of summaries that were in the boxes of documents that VA already had for many years, but I would bet my life they were never read. I also resent the dental surgery documents (the judge told me I should, but also told him they refused me plea for help when t he intestinal disease destroyed my teeth 20 years ago, the surgeons wrote in the dental report that they were destroyed by the intestinal disease ). so anyways, sent the BVA those copies ( early last year) and this is the first year I never got an SSOC back from the VARO. Like I said, I only resent documents that they va never read, it was only way I could think of making them read them...By April of every year for the last few years I either had a C&P, an SSOC, denial, or other, this year (April in five days) and nothing has been sent to me, from BVA or the VARO, which means something is changed and I haven't been sent anything and no SSOC, which means to me, no denial. 

    When I looked at the Gov website,, I only see about remands in the past.... they always look like they are years behind in whatever they put on that website for our case.

    Apparently, I could get a letter from the BVA ? Or a letter from VARO, or both, or none? it could be today, tomorrow or ten years....

    If only they had one set of rules we could understand...

    Well at least I didn't get one of those SSOC's, which I suppose is good news,,, but the best news would be, that this two decade long nightmare would be over.... and I get what they stole...


    btw, I thought they would speed up your case if you have a deadly disease,,, wasn't so with me... (I asked them for in a letter)

    Necrotizing Pancreatitis, Budd Chiari Syndrome (liver disease), Splenic Vein Thrombosis and more.

    1. vetquest


      I would call the 1-800 number and find out what they say about the current status of your case.  Sometimes on vets.gov they have issues and you only see the closed appeals.

    2. retiredat44


      yeah,, I am scared of asking the 1-800 .... I honestly feel like I am still breaking... yes I hear you... I should,, I have no courage left... I feel like the times when the doctors told me there was no more hope and just count the days.... yes, this happened to me a few times...

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