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  1. have had community care for a while now.. just diagnosed with basal Cell Cancer. Tricare is a PIA, when it comes to getting the ok for appoinments.. the worst bean counters.... I had no clue until I used them.. oh well.. at least I can see docotro, someof the time,, they are stil behind of some of my issues... stil ldidn't cat scan my pancreatic and liver disease for 2 years.. were suppose to at least one per year.... as usual sick laying around the house... cya laterz...

    1. Hamslice



      I hear ya. 

      Tricare says they can't tell us where my wife can go for care until we sign up (she's 30 year Multiple Sclerosis) and she currently uses about $150,000.00 of healthcare a year.  So, we will keep our private Medicare advantage plan.  Can't take the chance.



    2. retiredat44


      so with community care, the doctors are willing but their hands are tied to get approvals from tri-care. Tri-care is just a bunch of bean counters that decide if you get care, or don't get care. Then I have had the call me several times rapid fire questionss about my appointments and confusing me, trying to make new appointments, changing my appointments, and treating me pretty bad... they call several times to make sure I am doing something, or not doing something, like they think everyone is a fraud and they double and triple check,,, they are not so nice... I have had screw up my appointments thinking I made other appoitments... They do not leave you alone they ride your ass. I do like being able to go to outside doctors, but they keep us a very short leash. I am not even sure if I should add the cancer to my claims, I have no open claims, but the stress the va causes is horrible.

      It is nice not being in the claims system at this stime,, but at the same time I was screwed and feel I should put it in jsut to show them they lied.

      I have not been reading the forums lately... and am thinking that with the covid virus, that the vets in claims are probably backed up for years while they blame covid for the delays with vets sick and disabled from all the years of service and injuries. I can't imagine it is getting any better, no matter who says they are fixing the va.

      I only have medicare part A, I never signed up for part B. I am 65, but have been on disability for 30 years. I don't trust them either. I was bombarded by the medicare sales people trying to get me to sign up. I just kept my VA and went to Tri-care last year. I think if you live along distance from the va hsopitals, then it is nice going to a local hosptial, clinic. The VA told me I was on a waiting list for 8 years and I am number 800 on the waiting list for a doctors at a clinic 20 miles from me., I signed up for that local va clinic in 2013, Salem Oregon (being number 800 onthe list of course, I didn't know I was #800 until someone told me 5 years after I kept asking and was never told about the list until a coupl eyears ago, the va would jsut tel me they did not have enough doctors). That is another reason why I went to Tri-care. Also, I am scared of them screwing up and sending me the bills. I had that happen inthe past with the va, them not paying bills.

      Those that have to have care for serious health problems, like your wife, I am so many others, Each region and hsoptial has their own politics. You would think they would be the same,but they are all different. Take care, I have to go rest...

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