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When Will Review Be?

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Hi all:

Got my ssdi July of 2003.

Paid me back to February of 2002.

Award letter said I get reviewed in three years.

Is the review three years from my 2/2002 date of disability or the 7/2003 date they paid me?


Mike S.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You will get a review but may be later rather than sooner. Don't sweat it unless there is a major change in your condition you will keep your Social Sceurity and for the first time when you are reviewed you will have the Peace of Mind that even if they say you are a miracle and well they will still have to pay you during your Appeal.

For me I don't know of any person losing SS once they got it.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

as long as you are still seeing doctors semi annually or annually and there is no improvement, don't sweat the small stuff, if you have quit being treated and have no current medical records for them that will raise a flag, but other than that like John said as long as you are not working at any type of gainful employment and there has been no improvement they are also overworked and will probably run late on the review. I am glad I am on the 7 year plan myself. ... thats when they admit upfront they doubt you will ever improve....

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The 3 years starts from the date they made their decision. So closer to the date you were paid. Also like the others said don't worry. The first time you applied you had to proved your disability, during the review they must prove that you have recovered form that disability. Go to the doctor and don't work above their guidelines.


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like everyone says don't worry about the reviews, my wife gets one every 3-4 years, all she does is fill out a forum and sends in, doesn't even see a Doctor, and she has has been on SSDI since 1995, on my award letter, it stated I won't have any more reviews,as I was 50 when ssdi figured that I was disabled, now going on 60, Bush is one week older then me, and a lot better health, wonder why? but they also listed 16 different physical and mental problems, including PTSD, which I am 100% scheduler for through the VA.

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Review times are or should be listed on the back of your award letter from Social Security on the second page last paragraph. Reviews are paper form and have 7 questions to be answered for your review.

Most likely you will receive this medical review form in the mail to fill out and return to Social Security.

Questions on the SSA-455 “Hard Paper” Mailer Form

The hard paper form has a fixed report period format (the last 2 years). The questions were taken from the version of form SSA-454-BK, Report of Continuing Disability Interview, then in use, and were then modified to fit a self-mailer form design.

Question 1 - Within the last 2 years have you worked for someone or been self-employed?

Question 2 - Check the block which best describes your health within the last 2 years (Better, Same or Worse).

Question 3 - Within the last 2 years has your doctor told you that you can return to work?

Question 4 - Within the last 2 years have you attended any school or work training programs(s)?

Question 5 - Would you be interested in receiving rehabilitation or other services that could help you get back to work?

Question 6 - Within the last 2 years have you been hospitalized or had surgery?

Question 7 - Within the last 2 years have you gone to a doctor or clinic for your condition?


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