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Private Doctor Visit

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I saw my doctor on base today. He told me he wasn't surprised about the care I have been getting, or I should say care that I haven't got from the VA. Wanted to know why the VA never sent me to see a nuro-surgeon, we know the answer to that. He approved me for a referral to see a private nurosurgen as He thought all my issues for nerve damage appeared to be coming from my cervical-neck. And also a urioligst . This will greatly help my pending claim. The last time I did this resulted in my increase up to 50%. I wonder if this will result in a full comprensive exam, conduction tests, ect. He sees a few other Veterans that only can get in to the VA hospital once a year-friend on my side. And yes-he is a real doctor. Not a quack or a student!

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Glad to hear it, COOL BREEZE! :smile:

WHat could a nurosurgen do? I don't understand the difference between that a a neoroligist. I asked to see a nuroligst as the issue of burning ,tingling on most of my body plus the Carnal tunnel in both hands is what they would check and treat. Does the nurosurgen do the same thing, or would he refer me to see a nurologist. And then as my doctor said he is sick and tired of this issue spinning around without any proper treatment, would they go and do a another MRI of my neck where all these issues are. He believes something in the neck is causing my entire body to be affected. I guess I better start looking for statements to take that he could write that this condition is more than likely----

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A neurosergeon operates, but they are really top dogs in their field.

I got a copy of my approved authorized letter from tri-care today. I guess my non VA doctor didn't miss around. Sending me to neuroligical surgery doctor instead of just a neuroligst. Not many certified doctors in my area, plenty of nurologist. Has anyone ever been to one of these non VA doctors and had an immediate opinion. I guess he can treat just about anything in this field.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yes, he said I quote "Don't let anyone operate on your neck". This was about ten years ago for what it is worth.

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This issue is getting to me. I got a referral to see the nuro surgeon next month from Tri-CAre(VA obviously has done nothing to treat me) I am to give them a copy of the VA MRI for my neck which I have, however they want a MRI done on the back. The nurse told me to get this done by next month and give them a copy on a disk. Well, tri-care doctor said no way am I doing this. You have a disability from the VA, ask them to do it. This looks worse then a re-run soap opera. DO you really think the VA is going to authorize this, and if they do it will take another 2-3 months as I have to get 2 appointments. One to see the primary VA doctor, and then to convince him to do this so and out side source is going to use there results. Gee, anyone got about $10,000 to I can go pay for this myself.:ohmy:

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