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Clinic Appts

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Thought I remember seeing a regulation that states P&T veterans have priority, and should be seen in no less than 30 days?

My primary doc at the VA clinic is only seeing me once every 4-6 months. I need a hearing aid and new eye glasses, and the only thing she wants to treat me for is high cholesterol which is bunk. My cholesterol levels are fine because my "good" cholesterol beats the bad. Junk science.

Anyway, can I just call the nearest VA Hospital and schedule myself for appointments, or must I wait for my primary doc to send "consults"?

If I'm lucky, I might get treatment for one medical condition per year ... Whine, whine. Still, I'd like more help from the VA medical folks. ~Wings

USAF 1980-1986, 70% SC PTSD, 100% TDIU (P&T)

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When I need a consult, I call the VA hospital and get put in touch with a managed care nurse. They, in turn, send a note to my PCP that I need a consult for such and such... My PCP then enters a consult and I get notified that I have an appt. I am also only being seen by my PCP every six to nine months.

Hope this helps...

"It is a terrible thing, when you lose your train of thought and you only have a one track mind"... Me

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Yes, you can call and make your own Vision and Dental appointments. You do NOT have to have a consult put in for them. Same for Audiology if it is for a hearing aid you already have. If you don't have one then you need a consult --at least at my VA that's what the audiology dept. requires.

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  • HadIt.com Elder


My experience is that my PCP muct enter a consult into computer for me to see anybody except the shrink I go to. Just cause she does that does not mean I see the consult either.

Dallas is good about hearing aids and once you are in the clinic you can make your own appointments.

The hearing aid clinic does have a walkin deal that may be a back door.

You deserve much better can you change your PCP?

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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