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Authorization Review

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I was in looking at my E-benefit and notice a new claim!

It started in 03/01/2012 claim recieved, I made no claims at that time.

It said Authorization Review

What does this mean?????

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I have one of those now and my claim has already been decided and awarded. My retro was split and I haven't received the majority of it but the total was >$25K. Kind of backwards if you ask me. They paid out 40% of my retro, DFAS has done the audit and I'm just waiting on the remainder. Kind of late to hit the spell check, isn't it?

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Going on 2 1/2 months waiting on the remainder of retro. The audit by DFAS was completed and sent back to the VARO on 15 October.

Initial adjudication on Sept 1st with partial retro the same date. So, 6 weeks for the DFAS audit????

Did they do a bunch of backlog before the election and now that its over they're sitting on their hands again??

Details of Your Claim

Claim Received: 09/19/2012

Claim Type: Authorization Review

Claim Closed: 10/15/2012

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The way Retro works is by date received. When it goes to Dfas from the VA, they all go through in batches. And they are all sent out during a certain part of the month.

I posted this once before. The process will take months, there is no definite date it will be finished. When it goes back to the VA, it is in another holding pattern that will last a few months, almost treated like a new claim until it gets to the dept that actually verifies the audit and then sends it on to have the retro issued.

So, unfortunately it is a long, long process. You have to find another hobby until it hits the bank.

Remember, yours is not the only claim in the system. There is a wait at each station. My retro took about 4-6 months each time I went through this. I had 2 separate retro's over the years.

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I am out of Tampa and my retro only took about three weeks. Hopefully you don't have to wait too long! Good luck and hang in there!

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