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So, I filed my claim with St. Pete RO Jan 24th, 2011. C&P's in March 2011 and stayed in Gathering Evidence until March 22,2012 when it moved to Preperation for decision. Today I checked and it says Pending Decision Approval. Ok, I admit they told me Prep. for decision was taking 70 days in my RO...this has been just over 30. My stomach is in knots. No new forms under my download forms....

I know it could go back, I expect I am going to be disappointed when the decision comes in, but the waiting...the waiting is KILLER. UGH. THANK YOU GOD for some movement though! I'd like to get the decision and know what kind of battle I have ahead.

According to my conditions, and the 38, I expect 50% to be a fair rating. However, I know fair isn't what the VA tries to give you. They want you to have the smallest rating possible, IF they even SC your conditions. Such a frustrating process. I am just staying in prayer, and TRYING to let it go. This is really gut wrenching.

1 John 4:9

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Mine did that and then went back to review of evidence then straight to closed and then my letters showed up.

Stay positive we are here for you, Best advice i had was from Carla, try to keep yourself busy and not think about it,

I know it's hard but Movement is slow and it will drive you crazy!

Praying you get what you Deserve!


"Hang in there and Fight"

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The VA just called ME. lol The guy said he had to verify my dependent's SS#'s because in cases where veterans receive 30% or greater they are eligible to receive dependent stipend. I said "Yes sir." He said "Well, this is the case with you." He went over my first marriage, that I am still in my second marriage, and the children produced from each. He had my oldest's birthdate wrong. Once he fixed that he said "Oh there it is. It's verified. Now let me make sure I have your banking information correct." He did. Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LORD LORD LORD!! I almost threw up when I hung up the phone. I tried to play it very cool, but I wanted to just SCREAM. He said I should have my letter within 10 days. HOLY HECK!!!!

EDIT: Just checked and I am in the Prep. for Notification stage now. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LORDY!

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1 John 4:9

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Sometimes the deposit will show up before the letter and sometimes they will take thier sweet time doing the disbursement (it seems this happens with increases where they have to look at dependent rates and dependents going on and off the award). I had one increase that it took them 104 days to make the deposit after I was notified. Most of them were either in the bank when the letter came or was there in 10-14 days.

I mention this just to make you aware of the possibilities.

With 50% you have no perscription co-pays with VA and you should get travel pay for all appointments(medical).

Best regards,

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Thank you 71M10! :) I will let you all know as soon as I hear anything else. Seems like people find out and fall off the board. So thankful for those of you who stay on here, and help us newbies. I am trying to stay busy and just let this happen. I know it's at least 30%.

1 John 4:9

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