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Rammifications Of Applying For Increase

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I am currently rated at 50% for ptsd; however, my symtoms seems to have gotten worse.

I now suffer from paranoia (medication); extreme anxiety and panic attacks (medication); more mood swings, and I now am a permanent telecommuter working at home because I can't deal with people (rage issues).

I lose track of time, can't remember things, and am seriously considering just retiring from my job. Can't take it anymore. I don't go out of the house unless absolutely necessary and my family ususally does all household chores.

Do you think I should apply for an increase?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

It depends on when you were awarded the 50%. It sounds like you were lowballed and should have been rated 70% w/tdiu or 100%. If it's been over a yr since your award then I'd apply for an increase. If not I'd file a notice of disagreement (NOD), jmo


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I sent my VA Psych doc an email asking her to fill out the DBQ. My symptoms have gotten worse, so I think if she does fill it out, I will apply for an increase.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

You might get an IMO/IME from a private shrink to be safe. You are already 90% I see so why not apply for TDIU?

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I'm still working; however, am going to submit for retirement this month. I have been having issues with my job/supervisor for the past few years. I had to file an EO complaint for disability discrimination. I had asked to be able to work from home in 2011 because my ptsd symptoms were getting worse and my rage/anger issues were increasing, plus my other disabilities were getting worse.

After I filed the EO complaint, I was able to work from home; however, I am now to the point where I am not getting any better. I want to enjoy whatever time I have left on this earth.

All the above to say, that I can't file for disability until I retire. I'm trying to determine if I should file for an early retirement and then file for social security or file for a disability retirement.

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I'm still working; however, am going to submit for retirement this month.

Before requesting retirement I would get something from my doc/s

suggesting that I retire due to SC'd health issues,their symptomology

and treatment medication side effects.


Carlie passed away in November 2015 she is missed.

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  • Moderator

Well said, Carlie. It does not even matter what I think, what T bird thinks, or what Elvis Presley thinks. There are 2 important opinions:

1. First, the Doc. Did he state you can not work due to SC conditions?? If so, this goes a long way toward a higher percentage/IU. Remember, if you check the schedule for rating disabilities, both the 70% and 100% severely interfere with working..(ie, "Total social and occupational impairment")

2. The decision maker. He is going to interpret the what the doc says as he sees fit.

However, upon appeal, if the doc gives you the green light, and the rater pulls out the stops, you can appeal it.

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