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Psych C@p Exam Help

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Hello everyone, Just to let you know im a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic... Ready, set, go

First off Its all a test... there are many great questions in this forum and plan on answering some.

Yes your psych C@P exam is just that one big test. First off let me ask you do you plan on driving to your C@P exam? You might want to think about this.Sure how can driving a car to your C@P exam hurt, you ask? Well you just demonstrated to the C@P examiner you can follow detailed instructions on how to get to his building... Plus you can drive a car and you need a liscence for that... That means you passed the DMV test. Ouch black marks on you already... I would have a family member drive you thier and he can wait out in the lobby... Somebody thats truly disabled would not be wearing their sunday best,,, As a matter of fact most mentally ill persons dont change their clothes, I dont... Yes the C@P examiner is going to notice what you are wearing from shoes to hat... Now you usually have two c@p exams, one medicAll and one psych at least i did...Wear the same clothes to both the exams... My schizophrenia has me on edge at all times... Sometimes i think to deeply into things... Anyway the first thing the C@P examiner is going to notice is any bizzare rituals such as closing the door three times before you sit down... Locking a door several times, ect... Its all a test designed by the goverment... Well i can go on and on... Food for thought. you got to think

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I'm to mentally ill to wash my clothes, I wear the same outfit every day... My father has to force me to change and wash my clothes... He says I smell, I dont think i do... I'm just fine, lol!!!

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Oh more food for thought... The first thing their going to send you is packet or paperwork stating the location of your C@P exam, right? Yes your going to have to read it... My advice is give the paperwork to the person driving you to your exam. Dont follow any instructions in the paperwork and dont bring part of the paperwork to the C@P examiner... Somebody thats mentally ill doesnt care about paper work... No instead a family member is forcing him to do every thing... My "DAD" made me come to the C@P exam... Somebody thats mentally ill doesnt care about their C@P exam after all everything is hopeless... But I must not fool you. these doctors are not stupid by any means...

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I agree with Killemall on this one. We all have issues my fellow Vet, but it seems to me that you are going a bit over the hill my friend. God Bless, and good luck either way.

100% PTSD

100% Back

60% Bladder Issues

50% Migraines 
30% Crohn's Disease

30% R Shoulder

20% Radiculopathy, Left lower    10% Radiculopathy, Right lower 
10% L Knee  10% R Knee Surgery 2005&2007
10% Asthma
10% Tinnitus
10% Damage of Cranial Nerve II

10% Scars



OEF/OIF VET     100% VA P&T, Post 911 Caregiver, SSDI



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I'm not sure if you are asking for advice or trying to give it....but either way....good luck to you. I have mental health issues, and didn't have to go through all of that. Just saying...but if you seriously need all that assistance, then stay in therapy...and get the help you need. Mental illness is nothing to joke about or make light of. If you are having trouble then seek help. The VA is not perfect, but they do help veterans.

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