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  1. What is depressive disorder (SCT 59212011)? I found that code in my healthevet record. Also I requested a hard copy of my medical record and part of it was blank. It was pertaining to a psychiatric admission back in 2011 it's part of my HealtheVet is also blank. I think at one time I had access to the information because I have a stack of papers from back then in a file somewhere.
  2. When I applied for SSDI I had to file a lot of questionnaires. It is normal and part of the process. It took a long time but I finally got it. Took a long time to start getting paid after I won it....and I am still waiting on back pay. It is a waiting game and you have to play by their rules.
  3. Good news! I got worried over nothing. I went to the interview and they said that I would be able to manage my own money. That is a load off my mind.
  4. Sorry if I sounded too defensive...this is a sensitive spot for me. I am not sure why SS thinks that I can not manage my own money. I have a place to live, I am paying my bills, and I am using my VA money to do so. The VA never mentioned something like that to I was very surprised when SS did. I could understand it better if I was going with out basic necessities and neglecting my responsibilities...maybe they just suggest it to all people with mental illness. I do understand that sometime I have trouble taking care of myself when my symptoms get real bad...I have tried to hurt myself before...but even then I seem to manage my anxiety of debt keeps me straight. They are making me get an interview for it. Maybe I will get lucky and they won't make me get a representative payee. I am just stressing about it....that is part of my illness, I tend to stress out about things. Does anyone know of anyone who successfully appealed it and kept their benefits?
  5. I've been taking care of myself and paying my bills. I get my VA compensation and haven't blown all of it. Why would I need a payee for one but not the other? Just because I have a mental illness doesn't mean that I squander my money. I just want to know how to appeal it, if it comes to that.
  6. I just finally got my SSDI and got my first check last month.....all seemed to be going well for me....but I got a call from SSA today and the lady told me that I would have to get a representative payee to manage my SSDI checks. I have to go to the SSA office sometime in the near future to arrange all the paper work. Unknown to me the ALJ put in his decision that "A recommendation that a determination be made concerning the appointment of a representative payee who can manage payments in the claimant's interest" They further told me that they have withheld my back pay until the determination is made...but she was talking like they already want me to have one. This totally sucks. I don't have a fiduciary for my VA money. I have been managing my VA check just fine. My bills are paid and I am starting to pay off some of my past debt. I really haven't had a lot of money to pay past debts, but now that I am receiving both VA and SSDI I should be able to pay them off in a matter of time. I am scared for two if they determine that I have improved enough to manage my own money then they can review if I am disabled enough to get SSDI in the first place....and for the second reason. If SSA is making me get someone to manage that will the VA jump on the same band wagon and make me get someone to manage my VA check? What can I do. This will be a total inconvenience. I was looking at many of the rules to having a representative payee and they are tough. Most left over money after paying bills will have to go into an interest account or savings payee wouldn't be allowed to just give me money either...they have to account for every cent....this is a lot of added stress. I get my disability for a mental condition...but it is Major Depression. I have episodes but I really don't need that much control over my money. Sorry if this came across as a rant....I just had a lot to say about it. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. I have a 60% VA rating and use the VA Medical Center as my primary health care provider....I also have SSDI and have Medicare Part B which I have to pay for out of my SSDI check. It was automatically deducted from my disability a cost of $104
  8. Just hang in there, Remember "Hurry up and wait."? Things like that don't change in the VA...hang in there you will get your claim approved and get your benefits. It just takes time.
  9. I've had to change doc's/therapist in the past year because I've moved to a new area. I know that it is hard to start over with someone new. It can seem like you are taking steps backwards to start over....but try to look at it as moving forward. Maybe you will find someone else who is genuinely interested in your care and you will get along with that person too. I agree with Henry S about the VA letting go good employees for various reasons that have more to do with management than something bad that they have done. I have seen it happen your therapist may have just clashed with management....and it is not a reflection on the care she gave you. I hope that you will go to your C&P exam and be open and honest so that you will get the rating that you deserve. I also hope that you continue in your treatment and work with a new therapist as hard as it may be. You will get past this and it will get easier.
  10. I signed up for the program. I hope it will be used in a good way...I hope that I made the right decision. I just filled out a packet that they sent me asking a lot of medical questions. I answered truthfully. I would like to see statistical data once they are done just to see how they used the info.
  11. Please don't feel guilty because you are still a veteran. You went through training and exercises even though you did not deploy. Some of the training is hard on a body. The military work schedule is rigorous. No matter what you in the military had had illness and injury as a result from your service.
  12. To me it sounds like you are unemployable. I would use that to prove your IU case if it were me.
  13. As USVet said get your records off MyHealthevet. I have all of my mental health notes posted there. I have been able to down load them and look at them....also ROI always tells you that they can not release MH records but if you fill out the request anyway often the Psych docs will release them unless they think the information will harm you...So far I haven't had that problem. All I am saying is fill out the request for your health records and see what happens...also go to MyHealthevet and see if they are in there.
  14. Just wanted to update on my scheduling problems...they got worked out and someone did call me and I got to schedule with a living person....I am more happy about it now.
  15. I would get a new psychiatrist. You should let the VA know that you are no longer comfortable with her as your provider and you have trouble with trusting open about it and demand a new one. It will be hard to have her changed as the VA doesn't like to change drs but you have the right to "fire" her and if you have to go to the patient advocate to get it done so be it. You have to be careful not to get into arguments with them, but you have to be forceful when you request a change of providers. I have personal experience with the VA not wanting to let me change drs when I wasn't liking my shrink. They didn't want to change drs...I was still fighting it, but I moved in the process and am seen at a different VA hosp....hope that you don't have to move to get a new provider. Maybe you won't have the same problem I had. I hope not..but you do have the right to change providers if you feel that the one is not giving you the care that you deserve.
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