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C&p Exam E-Mailed To Ro By Examiner?

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Received my decision letter "Your current benefit payment will continue unchanged." Okay, so how did you make that decision?

"Evidence Considered"

In making our decision, we considered:

Email correspondence from Dr. Quack dated May 21, 2015

My C&P exam, done by Dr. Quack, was on May 20, 2015. Usually one can go to https://www.myhealth.va.gov/index.htmland read what the C&P examiner noted. There was no mention of my C&P exam. Next, checked with the FOIA office at the VAMC and they said there was nothing about my C&P exam. So, how would I go about getting the information the Dr. sent to the RO?

Or, are they trying to keep it confidential?

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Sorry bud, and I agree with Phillip if the exam was done thru the VA. If it was thru the VES, me personally I had a complete claim denied last fall and never saw the exam notes. Turned right around and reopened those conditions in Nov 14, and guess what had the C&Ps in Feb at 2 VAs and all but a few of those same conditions were granted. I actually just had 2 exams this past Wed thru VES Doc, and for the first time he was Very Nice. Good luck and keep us posted

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Todd, if the C&P was done at a VAMC, then it will be part of your medical records. Go to the ROI officer and request a copy. My ROI will give it on disk or paper; and immediately if not too huge. In fact, my ROI faxed both of my C&P exam results directly to my home. I had to fax a request and release but whole process took about 30 minutes. I should add that I have developed a strong positive relationship with the ROI office over the years--great investment of my time! You can get much more than just a copy of your medical records from a veteran friendly ROI; such as a listing of all of your appointments from the beginning of time, copies of the PAPER documents (extremely interesting and important!!) that are not contained in your digital records, chronological lab results, all imaging of any type etc. etc.

The Blue Button and all the other "bells and whistles" on eBenefits/MyHVet are only as good and accurate as the GS 1-5 that inputs the data. Remember crap in--crap out and I am being generous. If you haven't noticed there is a concerted effort to eliminate as much human to human interaction between VA employees and veterans as possible. It is much simpler to make a few million bytes anonymously disappear that it is to make physical evidence vanish.

There is some evidence that the VBA is withholding C&P exams until after decision to short circuit IMO rebuttals and force the vet onto the Appeals hamster wheel.

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C&P was done at VAMC. Will keep checking the blue button, but I doubt it will show up there.

are you selecting ALL information when you are on myhealthyvet? and are you doing the updates?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

yes go get the report from your VAMC!


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