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Social Security Disability & VACP

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your telling me I know it takes time I have two steps until I can get to an actual hearing apparently that's the bread winner. I know there are things to do to speed up the process. I filed my first time in January denied in April denied reconsiderartion June appeal filed in July contacted my states congressman who put in an inqury for an appeals hearing based of my P and T the people will tell you 18-24 months for a hearing to be scheduled don't listen it took me 4 weeks to have one scheduled in December. Google can be a useful tool to figure out phone numbers and emails of state rep. that can help move your claim along. The two may not agree sometimes but they share evidence very quickly Don't stop until you have a in person hearing don't let anyone say go the reconsideration way its quicker unless your state requires it like mine does...

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My thoughts and experience is that when you get Congressional attention, not only does it make sure things move at the official pace but it also makes the determination to be based on pure SSA Law, Its also like a Congressman breathing down the neck of the SSA which puts them in a position to make sure they apply there laws to the fullest in case it could be to your advantage and or disadvantage in generally speaking.

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All the Govt programs are hard to get on and scary as hell. I always tell Vets that I help, no matter what the Govt can not deny a Vet or anyone else when there is Hard Medical Evidence in front of them like X Rays, MRIs, Cat Scan, Doc Reports Etc. Problem is too many Vets, Claiming this and Claiming that, but do not have the Evidence to back it up. Also Vets will work Full Time, and be Full Time students, and wonder why they get denied. If a Vet is bad off enough, they should not be able to function in this capacity, at least that is what the VA and SSA states in their Regs. I have had Vets come to me who Play Video Games 10 hrs a day, but then claim that they can not get a full time job. I always tell people to sit down with their families or themselves, and decide what is best for their situation. This process is very stressful, both Financially, and Mentally. Anyone that thinks they will get rich on Disability has no clue. Most of us would rather be in better health and working a normal job, then collecting a check on the 1st of the month. 

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