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How Do I Go About Getting A Doctor To Fill Out An RFC

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Hi, i am SC 100% P&T for bipolar, asthma and a few other things.

I tried to apply for ssdi, but was denied - in a nutshell they said "we see that you are disabled, but we have determined that you can adjust to other work. we do not have sufficient vocational information to determine whether you can perform any of your other work".

So i take this as them needing more proof that i am really a screwed up person (which unfortunately i am , mainly due to the extremeness of my bipolar).

So iread that i could get a doctor to fill out a form to better explain my issues.




1. My doctor does not have any openings until Nov, and its currently sept.

2. The therapist at the outpatient clinic will not have any openings until JANUARY

3. the mental health clinic at the actual hospital only have docs who can prescribe medicine, not actual therapists. 

So what can i do. My doctor only treats me for pain related issues anyway, not mental health stuff.

So im pretty stuck. Can anyone offer some advice. Thanks

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Ironically, i got the same verbiage on one of my many denied claims. SSA must be using the verbatim vocational BS and i think its because they can't negate the 100 p/t aspect, so they go for the kill in the Vocational longitudinal avenue and it's pretty unclear of what they mean or are referring to but that's the way they like it.. to be so confusion and ominous.  I am no expert or have i even had any success with SSA but maybe this helps and maybe someone with good approach will chyme in. What i can say however is that you have to be on top of all your care/Doctors at VA because either they will not support your claim with data to back it up or they will be so discouraged to be supporting your effort to get SSA before they do. I would say make sure your Doctors have your back, if they get uncomfortable with helping you out with SSA then i think it's clear and that they don't think your condition is that bad which at some point you need to drop your Doctor for another if you can. Some Veterans i think might have good experience when they use outside Doctors through the privilege of somehow having insurance with a spouse or etc and These Doctors might be more motivated than the VA and they might be more seasoned is to why the have "the Know how"


Another suggestion is to have Voc Rehab provide a letter by way of you applying for these services however being denied because your "unemployable" or deem to disabled to hold a job of SGA. I agree that SSA does not want to do any picking or investigation/research/ hunt for medical records and ultimately equate/formulate/ why you have reached the conclusion. They probably don't fancy a letter saying you just cant work. It is my opinion they want to see examples like, the jobs you had once upon the time were " answering the phone as a receptionist, making chocolate at a factory, cutting grass, lifting up bricks" And then you get a Doctor, a PHD, a Vocational specialist that's a MD or a PHD to say... He can not do any of these things because he is now allergic to chocolate/ he can't cut grass because he is allergic to grass, he can't answer the phone because he will curse all that call him etc.. and spell it out before Your advocate says "he can't work" 


Again SSA won't even entertain the "he can't work" without a longitudinal explanation. 

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The SSDI is a totally different animal than VA disability.

Just so you know.  Your first and second rounds with SSDI is not seen by a doctor unless It fits one of thier boxes.  Only upon going to the judge, is it actually seen by a doctor. (My wife has Multiple Sclerosis which is not a SSDI box illness, we had to go to the judge level to have a doctor review that she is disabled.)

First, your disability has to fit one of thier boxes.  If not, denied, appeal, denied, appeal, judge, granted if you are truely disabled and meet the age guidlines.

Second, how old are you? Under 50, denied if you can be trained in any field to include what you do for a living, appeal, denied, appeal, judge, granted if you are truely dissabled, i.e, if you can answer a phone, you are not disabled.  Age 50-59, denied if you can be retrained to work in your field, appeal, denied, judge, granted, etc.  Age 60 and above, no job training required, granted if you truely are disabled.  My wife was successful after she reached age 50.  Denied before.  Age is a big deal.

Third, you have to have worked in the last 5 years to qualify, and you must have had 40 quarters of work (ten years) in your life time.

Also, you don't get any money until six months after you win, and you don't get Medicare until 24 months after you get the money, i.e., 30 months.  Unless you cut a deal with the judge.  We got the money faster by not taking Medicare for 3 years instead of 2.  They cut deals at the judge level if you have representation.

Remember, in the VA  you are being compensated for loss of ability to work at a percentage based on what ails you.  Bad ankle, 10%, etc.  In the SSDI, you either can or can't work, at all.



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Great breakdown, makes someone like me who is under 50yrs old/rated p/t with VA/ last time i worked 5 years ago/ been denied like 4x'   3 on 1st round and 1x on new app get the point. However, i like to point out that Judges rule from the bench and SSA/DDS agents can do what they want when and however they want on any given Day, now i don't want to call it Luck but i can give an example of a few operators with no ailments grander then mine.. been on SSDI for like 8years so far with P/t from VA... kind of makes the butt sore but it is what it is...

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I actually just asked my VA primary doctor last month and filled out my RFC willingly no hiccups. Not sure how this will hep my hearing but I just asked doctor if you could fill out something for my SSDI claim, he took the papers just filled it out and gave it back to me the next day at the VA hospital signed and stamped.. . Also don’t know if it helped but instead of waiting when I contacted my local congressman he put in an inquiry due to me being P and T my hearing was scheduled back in August for this December no waiting years for a hearing. my Intial two claims were filed back in January and in April reconsider. Filed for a hearing with an attorney in July and then was notified hearing was scheduled this December... not a fan of DDS she lied to me and my wife oh yeah I found him disabled but it has to be cleared by our doctors first BS so if you are waiting on a hearing to be scheduled for an appeal don’t if you need your local congressman I used google.com to search my area zip code and congressman it should pop up yours...

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First, let me point out that a RFC from your Doctor has great weight especially if he is on board and did not write anything contrary or negative like * jfrei can adjust to light work or .. basically .. work" So if the RFC says.. nah.. he can't do any sedentary work or .. any-work...etc.. that's a plus. Also it's a plus if the Doctors indicates your limitations and that they prevent you from doing any....blah.

If you don't have Your Doctor fill out a RFC.. then SSA will gladly have there very own Doctors who Don't know you from adam, never been on a quarter deck, can't determine what is starboard side or port side.. you get my point i hope.. anyway having SSA do a RFC for you " and they will if you don't provide.".. its like shooting yourself in the foot .

Congressman., not a fan.. never been told the behind the scenes bonanzas that happen when a congressman walks right up in SSA's business and demands your file/ the what , the when.. anyway if it helps, great .. if its hurts.. that's just wrong.

The fact that you got your Doc to fill out the form without pulling teeth is monumental because VA does not like to fill out forms.


You better ask for your file/Soc from SSA and don't be surprised if you see them make comments like.. 'ah he came in here and snapped his fingers twice" He have us the stank eye or ,

He came in here on his own free will, brought the family and little bobby to.. he was doing backflips outside and most of road in on a motor bike because he had a helmet in hand.. yeah.. they will make sure they say even what color socks your were wearing.. point is.. they will definitely sound the alarm behind the scenes and comment on how you got to the office if you ever went in person (see your file.. request it") 

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